‘When chaos comes to town’ – from theroadtoserendipity.wordpress.com

Today I’m sharing a lovely and poignant post from Fran at The Road To Serendipity.

Fran has a way with words that I’ll never achieve and reflects just how I feel each day more often than not.  She lives on the opposite side of the world  in a place I’ll never see and yet I can relate to each of her posts as if she were here in D.C.

 Thanks so much Fran for sharing your thoughts and feelings, adventures, photos and help with us all each week ♥


” I am a vegan. I don’t eat meat, dairy or eggs. I don’t eat honey but that’s not because I am vegan, it’s because honey is a prohibitive price and I prefer to make my own date paste as a sweetener. As I dragged along behind Earl acting as ballast I realised that “come the revolution” we horticulturists have a prime roll to play. When humanities “needs” come to the fore after oil ceases to flow, food is going to become something that we all have to think about. Steve and I are in the process of building a very large fully enclosed vegetable garden. Today we will be collecting some of what we need to build it over the next few weeks. It’s the beginning of several interconnected large fully enclosed areas that we are going to build to produce as much of our own and our daughter’s vegetables and other crops as we can. If Stewart and Kelsey move here, we can produce food for them as well. Food will go from being something that is artificially kept at low prices by government subsidies to its rightful place as one of our primary needs. As a vegan it should be easier for me to adapt to life after Peak Oil”

To read Fran’s full post, click here:

When chaos comes to town

Photo and post used with permission from http://theroadtoserendipity.wordpress.com/

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