What’s for lunch? – Fresh Fruit Bowl and Mango Avocado Toast

Yes, I’m back home to boring old D. C. again……….but wait!  I can dig into one of my favorite lunches again, yes!  What's For Lunch?  My favorite fresh fruit bowl and avocado toast from Canned-Time.com


I hope that you were able to catch Nancy’s Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry this week.  She really was pleased to be joining so many fabulous Vegan bloggers, a bit nervous maybe too?  Probably not, but grateful anyway to be included in the bunch.  She’s got a wonderful breakfast spread for her entry.  Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

My Alaska trip is done.   And who isn’t tired of hearing about all my stressful days leading up to the trip?  I’m back to reality and fresh fruits from my own kitchen!  It’s good to be home.  Not so good to be back to work, but good to be home.  I’ll share some of the trip when I can catch my breath in the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, my job just gets put off if I’m not here to work so it’s going to be a tough few weeks making up for lost days from the trip.  Still, it’s good to be home and Mr. Floyde lived through the drama of having my husband’s Mom here to keep him company (brat)  and it’s all good now.  What a crazy time it was there with the sun setting so late at night and then rising again just a few hours later!  Couldn’t stand that routine for very long.  But anyway, I’ll share more later.  

What's For Lunch?  My favorite fresh fruit bowl and avocado toast from Canned-Time.com

The fruit gives me a tasty, smooth texture for my perfect lunch.  Now for some spicy crunch!  My Mango Avocado Toast is the delectable creation of Finding Vegan wizard, Kathy Patalsky.  She definitely knows good toast.  Be sure to check out Kathy’s Epic Toast Post from last month.  How to choose?  Well, I just picked the one that had the most contrast.  I love contrast in color, in flavors, textures.  And this lovely flavorful toast combination will not disappoint my taste buds.  It’s a spicy crunchy offset to the cold sweetness of the fruit bowl.

Mango Avocado Toast from Canned-Time.com

Have a lovely weekend everyone ♥

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7 thoughts on “What’s for lunch? – Fresh Fruit Bowl and Mango Avocado Toast

  1. The Vegan 8

    I can’t imagine how crazy that must have been with there only being a few hours of dark. Can you imagine the times of the year it’s totally dark?! That would be so weird!
    This toast looks crazy good. I’m not a huge fan of mangos, but imagine the fruity contrast with the avocado would work awesome with many fruits. I love avocado! It’s one of my favorite foods!! Love your pic too!

  2. narf77

    Glad you survived, it would have been boring around here without you ;). Yummo breakfast bowl and the actual bowl is amazing! Love it!

    1. Angela @ Canned Time

      Glad we survived too since it was about as much in the middle of no where as is humanly possible. 3 hours between towns on some days.
      Funny about the bowls. My husband hates the whole set cause of the little decorative ceramic dots.

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