Watermelon Jam

Last year I experimented with some unusual canning ingredients and this is one of my favorites.

Watermelon Jam - from Canned-time.com

I saw this recipe on line and had to give it a try.

Watermelon Jam

My favorite fruit is Watermelon!
  And being able to enjoy those juicy flavors in the chill of winter as well………
sounded like a perfect idea.
Watermelon Jam
The recipe is included here:
With most canning processes, it’s just easier to put out a tested recipe since canning is more science than a lot of food we enjoy.
And I didn’t puree the fruit in advance.
I used an immersion blender to smooth while cooking the fruit for a while to save some time and mess.
The rest was the same process.

Watermelon Jam

My $3.99 Watermelon made up much more jam than I expected.  This works out to about .75 per jar!

Watermelon Jam
Can’t wait to spread a little on a biscuit!

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9 thoughts on “Watermelon Jam

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  3. Glenda

    I tried the watermelon jam and it does not seem to have much flavor. I used a seedless watermelon but it may not have been ripe enough. Did I do something wrong?

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Its been a while since I made some and in fact I’m working on a chia seed watermelon jam now that wouldn’t be so much cooking time. That said, I always leave watermelon in the sun for days or at least outside after buying them to maximize the sweet.
      I know when I strain the pulp to use for watermelon juice it always seem much milder than biting into a big ripe piece of the melon. I guess I’m saying your jam could be mild for many reasons but I don’t think the seedless aspect is one.
      Try buying watermelon from local markets maybe too who tend to have their produce outside allowing fruits to continue to ripen much more so than a cold grocery.
      Sorry it didn’t work for you though. When I get my chia jam post up I’ll be sure to forward you the link.
      Thanks for writing.

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  6. Lois

    I followed recipe exactly and even after more pectin it did not set. I gave up and put it in my dehydrator and made chips. So all was not lost.

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  8. Sonja

    Mine didnt set either…i added more pectin and nothing not sure why it didn’t..all other jams and jellies work just not the watermelon

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