– ‘Be the change you want in the world’ – Site launch May 12th launches this Monday, May 12th - check it out

Vegan Unite is a marketplace for cruelty-free and vegan products.


Vegan Unite is a place where like-minded people can support each other’s creativity and become the change we want in the world. As you know being cruelty-free isn’t just about eating habits, it’s a lifestyle.

Visit us at for all of your cruelty-free shopping desires. 


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Cosondra Sjostrom

Living the cruelty-free lifestyle since age 8 as an on-and-off again veggie to vegan, fully vegan now. Her parents fought with her ‘radical’ choices to not eat meat at first but simply had to give in to her animal loving nature. She was a very persuasive 8 year old. Currently living in Los Angeles working as a creative, actor, writer, and running this amazing site which has become her passion. She enjoys outdoor activities in the shade, cooking, wine, watching StarTrek, and telling jokes on her twitter. @cosondra

 More information about the site from Cosondra:

What is Vegan Unite?
Vegan Unite is a marketplace for cruelty-free and vegan products. It’s a place where you can shop from people that are like-minded and purchase with a clear conscience. I encourage everyone to bookmark us and check back as new products and shops are being added daily.

How are you different then other online marketplaces?
As a marketplace, Vegan Unite empowers shoppers to help promote the lives of like-minded people by purchasing from them. As a community we need to support each other and start to create the change that we want in the world. It’s an evolution, this is just another step forward.

Who are ideal shoppers on Vegan Unite?
Honestly, anyone that cares enough to want purchase awesome cruelty-free items. Also, If someone needs to shop for a cruelty-free or vegan friend. Now you have a place to visit online to browse shops and items.

Who are ideal shop owners?
People that live the cruelty-free lifestyle and create products that are also cruelty-free. The products on our site range from food, clothes, pet food, cleaning supplies, cookbooks, jewelry, plants, furniture, craft supplies, DIY baskets, and even a Yard Sale section. The Yard Sale section is a place where people can resell new and used cruelty-free vegan items.

Do you have site wide Gift Certificates?
Yes we do. You can buy yourself or your friend a gift certificate to Vegan Unite and shop from any shop on the site.

Why did you name it Vegan Unite?
I debated over many names but Vegan Unite stuck with me. I wanted a name that would inspire unity, that I hope will also help create a strong community.

How does the site work for merchants?
We charge merchants a small percentage of sale just like other online marketplaces. We have no listing fees. We are also working with our shop owners to help them promote their products. We are starting to write articles on all of our shops to help the community get to know them better.

How does it feel to be launching Vegan Unite?
It’s exciting…thrilling really, but also stressful. I’ve been working on developing the concept and website for a long time now. It’s my baby and it’s finally going live. I almost can’t believe it. 

What type of response have you been getting?
We have been getting a lot of positive feedback from the community. I am so thankful for all of the support the site has been receiving.

“The cruelty-free and vegan community has been in need of something like this for a long time.”

“What a cool idea. I’d love to know that I’m shopping from all cruelty-free and like-minded individuals that share my ideals. What a great way to build the community.”

“I am so honored to be a merchant on Vegan Unite. Cheers to your great success. Goodbye Etsy (sorry that you did not think compassion was more important than sales) and hello Vegan Unite (the best Vegan market place in the world). Yay!”

“I can’t tell you how excited I am about being a seller on Vegan Unite. We have so many ideas for vegan items and this is perfect for us.  We also ran an animal rescue for over 4 years.  That is how I came to be a vegan.  I made the connection to all living beings.  I couldn’t work hard tying to save dogs and cats while sitting down to eat a cow, chicken or pig.  Becoming a vegan is the best thing I have ever done.”

Anything else you want to say?
Please bookmark us! I encourage anyone that lives the cruelty-free lifestyle and makes products to join our site as a merchant. Buy a Gift Certificate for yourself or a friend and shop all products on the site. Donate to us as we can always use the funds for site development and building a strong community. Most of all I’d like to thank everyone for their support.

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  1. rika@vm

    I followed them on Facebook and heard about Vegan Unite marketplace through e-mail. It’s exciting to see new vegan and cruelty-free online marketplaces! Thanks for spreading the words, the owner knows what she’s doing 😉 and kudos to her on StarTrek.

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