The WordPress Move

This week I’m S-L-O-W-L-Y moving the blog to WordPress from Blogger.
If you’re not a blogger, it may surprise you that with cooking, (cleaning up),
photography, editing, writing and taking care of life in between
a post can take up to 5 hours of your life before it’s worth publishing.
Not something that’s worth that much time!
WordPress has so many built in functions instead of having to
build codes and configure pics myself.  It’s a MUCH more
time friendly browser.
I’ve had a lot of fun in the last 3 years posting and configuring. 
But it just is so much more fun over at WordPress, I can’t resist any longer.
(Moving over so many postings is tedious.  Some actually might not make the move)
I’ll most likely leave my Blogger version up and running for quite a while but
the Move to WordPress is ON!
See you all over there soon I hope…………..
I will be cooking some too so I keep my sanity……working on a spicy fennel cracker with a Lentil and Black Bean Dip to go with! 
Have a great weekend.

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