The Dog That Walks with the Human – Guest posting from Annie @

The Dog That Walks with the Human – from Ann

The Dog That Walks with the Human - from Ann Oliverio,

Walking the dog is something done in cities; on pavement and sidewalks, in worn-down-grass fenced-in areas and in certain parks. It’s a chore to be ticked off of the daily list. Walking with the dog is done in wide-open spaces; dog and human unleashed, separate, but together. Before collars and chain-link, Petcos and doggy waste bags. The way it was done when ancient man first tossed a bone into the shadows beyond the fire; when the first rangy canines crept carefully towards that fire, seeking warmth, and lay down next to the human and offered its ears for scratching. As it was done when those early dogs joined man on the hunt, another pair of ears, another pair of eyes. Helper and companion.

When Ike and I set out for a walk along the cow paths, through the thin, brittle stalks of ragweed, across the dry stream bed tumbled with mossy rocks, we set out as one, but each with our own goals and desires. For me, I’m seeking fresh air, space to think and plan, the sound of the wind and exercise. For him, the walk is about the ancient hunt that stirs deep within his memory. It’s about patrolling his territory and protecting his human.

Sometimes he runs ahead, galloping with joy, nose up to catch the slightest whiffs of scents drifting in from miles away and sometimes he falls behind, deep into something that must – for a dog – be wonderful, irresistible: a dark gopher hole; a pile of damp leaves; the base of a tree. When I call he comes. Sometimes immediately and sometimes after a time. Just long enough to let me know that he is his own dog and makes his own decisions. He relies on me for food and shelter and belly-rubs and love, but like us humans, he makes decisions, needs alone time, is happy and sad and sometimes cranky. He is independent yet reliant.

Rudyard Kipling wrote about the cat that walked by himself. That is fine for the cat, I think, but the dog – the dog and human, we walk together.



Thanks Annie & Ike for sharing!!

Annie has my utmost respect for the way she lives and loves.  I can’t wait for the next Virtural Vegan Potluck event to meet more and more ‘healthy minded’ spirits out there.  

I could go on and on about all the things that Annie has done and the beautiful way she tells us about them!  I was honored that she shared this post with my readers and hope they can take the time to explore all she’s written up and shared on her own sites.  

Here is just a sampling of places to find out more about Annie &

An Unrefined Vegan on Facebook

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Virtual Vegan Potluck

Thanks so much Annie!  Be well and be happy ♥

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16 thoughts on “The Dog That Walks with the Human – Guest posting from Annie @

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Thanks only to you girl….and maybe a little to Sir Ike. He’s such a travelin’ pup, it’s no wonder the two of you are inspiring and adventurous. I just have silly cats now but I spent 12 years caring and working everyday with an American Eskimo day and night by my side. I know how they can really rule part of your life. My Sophie knew whatever I said to her and was the kindest soul. Sounds to me like she and Ike would have run the fields together for hours in doggy bliss if they’d met.
      Thanks for your post and thanks for your caring nature.
      Hugs for Ike too!

  1. narf77

    Could I please borrow Ike for a week? I need him to teach my 2 (Bezial and Earl) about how to walk with humans…our daily walks (at least an hour and a half or Earl eats the furniture…) revolve around something running out of a bush and Steve and I having to run with the flow or suffering dislocated shoulders or the reverse (but equally painful) dragging of the 40 and 35kg dogs respectively. After about an hour they start to settle down and we plan our walks accordingly… “any dogs likely to come out of a driveway? Any “interesting phenomena that might cause them to either drag or pull? Any birds, rabbits, small children? No? Ok, we can walk there…” It is illegal for any dog to be off lead unless you take them to an offlead park here in Australia and they are few and far between in our neck of the woods. I often see people walking with their dogs…no leads and I admire their fighting spirit. My spirit is too scared of what Earl and Bezial would manage to do if they got off their leads and so I am contemplating at least a decade or so of extreme dog walking in my immediate future. Please give Ike a cuddle for me (no matter how stinky he is) and say “Good Dog!” in an Aussie accent…he deserve kudos from afar 🙂

  2. Kristy

    This post made me so happy. Samantha, my canine companion, is always the one taking me for a walk. She’s so good to sit and wait at street corners until I say it’s okay before we cross the street. When we get to the beach, she runs and frolics like a puppy (even though she’s 10-11). It’s one of my most favorite things. Such a great post, Annie- it made my heart get all big and swollen. 🙂

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