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Super Supper Soups for quick delicious meals - #vegan, #glutenfree from

 I’ve brought so many different soups to Canned-Time this winter, I wanted to gather them together and show how they can work as a wonderful ‘food storage’ meal for anyone who makes up larger batches and freezes the leftovers.

Super Supper Soups for quick delicious meals - #vegan, #glutenfree from Canned-Time.comOne of my absolute favorites from last year is a light broth, bean and vegetable soup:

Kale & White Bean Soup

More like eating a wonderful salad, hot.  It’s great for freezing to have on hand for busy nights.  Packed with nutrition and packed with spicy flavors.  A must try! Potato Stew

Inspired from a delicious Sweet Potato Red Pepper soup from Averie Cooks, This is a perfect soup for canning, freezing or just having on hand for the week as a side dish.  It’s hearty texture is warming on cold days and it is stock full of nutrition, flavor and texture.  Serve it alone with chips, hot bread or salad for a meal on it’s own.

Tsahob soup – or Yellow Veggie

A bright-colored vegetable soup full of  zeaxanthin, flavonoids, lycopene, potassium, vitamin C and beta-carotene, which is vitamin A.


Spicy Tomato Adzuki Bean Soup

Next up, a spicy tomato soup thickened up with sprouted Adzuki beans.  The sprouts take just a few days and the beans cook more quickly than most, especially after being sprouted.  This one freezes well and also works well as a base for other veggie soups.  The thick rich flavors support lots of other vegetable soups you may already have in your recipe box.


6 Bean Humpty Dumpty Bean Soup   

I had some fun mixing up this bean combination into a creamy bean based, chunky soup.


Tempeh Sweet & Sour Soup

Just last month, I mixed up some veggie broth, Kale and other Asian flavors for a quick thinner soup.  I call this combination a ‘clean out the fridge’ soup because I always have the soy and spices on hand, along with the powdered soup stock.  Any frozen veggies make this one complete.  The spices mix with the sour soy/vinegar for a bright, light anytime soup.  Love this one ♥

Soup Stock Powder

Make up some Vegetable Soup Stock Base Powder and a quick soup is just minutes away.

I also like to make up large batches of my soups and either freeze or can the leftovers.  I reheat the soups for quick, no fuss meals or, as in the Butternut soup below, I use one soup as the base for another new recipe.

I thawed out a frozen quart of my Tomato Adzuki Bean soup and added some large chunks of Butternut Squash, some Kale and Cherry Tomatoes and had a whole new soup to serve this weekend.  Squash are always a great way to thicken up ‘non-dairy’ Vegan soups as well.  To cut up a Butternut Squash, see the instructions below.


I hope you can find one, maybe two new soups to try here.  Don’t be afraid to make up your own recipes from a few veggies you need to use up and a simple soup base.  Each time  I start throwing different things in the pot, I find new flavor combinations that work well and make for delicious quick and healthy meals.  Use any of these soup basics or come up with your own and share it back with us!  Soups make quick meals and health in a pot!!

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11 thoughts on “Super Supper Soups

  1. narf77

    I have been living on soup for my evening meal for 9 weeks now and it has changed my life. I love the convenience of having nutrient dense soup that I can just pull out of my freezer (I make a huge batch once a week and mix soups for variety) and know what is for my dinner so I can just get carried away with the processes of my day and know that there will be something amazing at the end of those processes. Love your soup run and have taken lots of recipes for future degustatory events 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Sounds like you’re lucky to be able to decide just what you eat. I have a husband to coordinate and we don’t usually agree. Love soups and hope you have luck adapting any of these to your own veggies from those gorgeous gardens you have there. 🙂

      1. narf77

        I too have an omni husband but he doesn’t eat a lot of meat. We have a very varied diet with lots of interesting home cooked things and he is pretty adventurous, not at all a meat and potatoes man 🙂

      1. Somer

        Thanks! Yes, long winter for sure, I’ll be glad when it’s over too much indoors with too many children in the neighborhood =’s far too many germs being shared.

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