Super Sunflower Seeds

One of my first ‘healthy minded’ recipes I developed 2 years ago was a wonderful raw cracker using Sunflower Seeds.

Raw Sunflower Seed & Sesame Crackers

I have so many recipes that use Sunflowers Seeds.

Click the link here to see some other recipes on Canned Time with Sunflower Seeds:

or Gluten Free Spicy Lentil & Sunflower Seed Crackers

They work well for gluten free crusts, crackers, nut butters……………………….

Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake w/ Macadamia Nuts

Even luscious Vegan Caramels

I wish I had the space and sunshine in my yard for these beauties to grow…………

Click here to watch one of the most amazing videos of a Sunflower’s life:

What are your favorite seeds or nuts ?

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