Sugar Free Apricot Jam ♥ & a Giveaway!

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I’ve been using NuNaturals healthy natural sweeteners in my recipes for years now.   I recently received a new sweetening product from NuNaturals called Lo Han made from fruit and thought it would be perfect to replace the sugar in some Apricot Jam I cooked up last week.  The Lo Han worked beautifully and the jam is just wonderfully fresh and delicious ♥

NuNaturals is now offering a giveaway on 4 different blogs for 2 Lo Han products to 16 winners and then will enter the 16 into a

Grand Prize drawing for over $125 worth of NuNatural’s products…awesome!

 The giveaway is now live on Canned-Time, An Unrefined Vegan, Keepin’ It Kind and Gazing In.  4 winners for each blog!!

Plus you can enter to win on all 4 blogs to increase your odds of winning…


Sugar Free Apricot Jam - from plus a giveaway!!  #giveaway #NuNaturals #sugarfreejam #apricotjam #nunaturalsgiveaway

 For my apricot jam, I cooked 2 cups of apricots with 2 Tbs. of powdered NuNatural’s Lo Han over medium heat for about 20 minutes until the fruit was cooked down and beginning to turn syrupy.  Then I added in 1 tsp. of Agar flakes and stirred the fruit for another 5 minutes.  I transferred the jam to glass jars, it made about 3 cups total, and let it cool down before storing it in the fridge.  The Lo Han added a light sweetness to the jam without changing the flavors of the apricots or changing the texture of the jam…very cool!

I’ve also used it in smoothies, hot drinks, cereal and cakes with similar results and great success.

So how can you try out some Lo Han for yourself?

Well you can purchase some NuNaturals Lo Han right now HERE.

Lo Han Supreme 2 oz   Easy Sugar Free Apricot Jam - and a Group Blogger Giveaway from

 Lo Han worked so well with my Apricots.  And there are 2 different Lo Han products at NuNaturals, 1 liquid and 1 powdered.  So you can choose which product would be best for your own recipes.

Easy Sugar Free Apricot Jam - and a Group Blogger Giveaway from

Easy Sugar Free Apricot Jam - and a Group Blogger Giveaway from Canned-Time.comA pleasant tasting fruit extract is perfect for dieters & anyone concerned about the effects of sugar on their health. These ALL-NATURAL products are made from the fruit Lo Han Guo       (also known as MONK FRUIT.) The Monk Fruit is notable for its sweetness, which can be concentrated from its juice. It has been used as a food, beverage, and traditional medicine to treat diabetes & obesity for centuries in Asia.

NuNaturals Logo Helping 7 x 7

Here’s how you can enter to win some Lo Han to try out for yourself!

NuNaturals is giving away 2 Lo Han Sweeteners to 4 lucky winners..on 4 different Blogs.  That’s 16 winners who each win 2 products.  Then 1 Grand Prize winner will be selected randomly from the 16 winners.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a huge product package of a variety of NuNaturals products worth $125.

NuNatural's Giveaway Graphic

Enter to win 2 Lo Han Sweetener Products, 1 liquid and 1 powdered, from NuNaturals here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Visit all the other participating blogs to enter to win again…each day!!

An Unrefined Vegan

Keepin’ It Kind

Gazing In

 The giveaway runs from July 4th through midnight on July 11th.  Open worldwide, no P.O. Boxes please.

Good luck everyone!


NuNaturals provided me with some Lo Han products to review although I was under no obligation to do so.

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21 thoughts on “Sugar Free Apricot Jam ♥ & a Giveaway!

  1. slywlf

    Wow! As a regular reader of Keepin’ It Kind I was more than ready to follow any link she offered, but apricots are my favorite fruit, this recipe sounds scrumptious, and I now have a new blog to follow 😉

  2. Billie Jean Grych

    My favorite healthy dessert would have to be protein shakes with a crumbled Larabar in them! Just like a cookie dough blizzard except soososo much better and tastier!

  3. Lynn

    I love to make black bean brownies! They carry a lot of protein and use all-natural sweeteners. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  4. narf77

    Not sure about “dessert” but does healthy breakfast count? I have been making juk with pumpkin and black beans and eating my weights worth of oranges to ward off the dreaded lurgy that keeps knocking at my door. I wouldn’t use the sweetener to make jam, I would test it in my baked goods. I use date paste at the moment and would love to see how the new product tastes. Cheers for letting we “other worlders” enter 😉

  5. RubyShooZ

    I’d love to make that apricot jam.

    Our favorite dessert here is made with bananas, dates, malt barley syrup and is delicous!

    Thanks for the great giveaway. Good luck to all.

  6. coconutandberries

    I somehow missed this was open worldwide!! Wow, thanks so much 🙂 I’d love to try nunaturals- stevia is still fairly hard to come by here in the UK and I’ve heard NuNaturals products really are the best.
    Favourite dessert..I love pretty much all raw desserts 🙂

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