Spiced Wild Orange Sugar Body Scrub

I recently purchased some yummy ‘wild orange’ essential oils and thought it would make a great scent for some homemade sugar scrub

Spiced Wild Orange Sugar Body Scrub

Sugar body scrubs are inexpensive when you make them yourself and do wonders for exfoliating dry winter skin.

Spiced Wild Orange Sugar Body Scrub

They mix up in minutes.  And make a great gift as well.

Spiced Wild Orange Sugar Body Scrub

The wild orange essential oil I used was perfectly sweet and really lingers after using the scrub, YUM!


Spiced Wild Orange Sugar Body Scrub

Combine equal parts Sugar (Brown or Raw) and Olive Oil, Grapeseed or Almond Oil.  I made up 2 cups worth for this batch.

Add in about a tsp. of Cinnamon for spice.

Add in 20 drops of Orange Oil for each 2 cups of scrub, more for stronger scent.

homemade brown sugar

Homemade Brown Sugar Recipe

Stir together ingredients and store in a sealed container, preferably glass.

Stir as needed.  Apply a small amount to skin with wet hands and scrub gently to remove dead skin.

Rinse and pat dry.  May be used 2 – 3 times per week safely.

Homemade Brown Sugar Recipe

Don’t have any brown sugar?

Here’s a wonderful way to make some homemade Brown Sugar

and always have fresh on hand at home:

Spiced Wild Orange Sugar Body Scrub

If you’d like to try out the ‘wild orange’ scent for yourself, contact Somer at Vedged Out for info. on how to order.   The essential oils are  just one of many great skin care  products from Doterra Products.

Thanks Somer!

Spiced Wild Orange Sugar Body Scrub

Perfect little gifts don’t have to cost a lot or take a lot of time to make.  This Sugar Scrub comes in at about $2 per 16oz. jar.  It’s a great way to show someone that you care about their health and well being without being too personal.  A co-worker or teacher would certainly enjoy the pampering of a wonderfully scented bath scrub.  And it’s one of those products most of us resist buying for ourselves with so many other expenses.

Spiced Wild Orange Sugar Body Scrub

Great gift and a healthy way to care for your skin!

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5 thoughts on “Spiced Wild Orange Sugar Body Scrub

  1. Somer

    Aw, shucks! I love this body scrub and I could certainly whip some up myself! I’ve had alligator skin with the freezing cold weather! I love how fresh the scent of that particular oil is.
    p.s. it’s one of the top sellers for it’s mood lifting properties 🙂 I also use it in baking and smoothies. A little goes a really long way!

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