Spiced Orange Carrot Cooler & 10 Summer Drink Options


 Chilled Summer Swizzlers - Keep your cool with healthy drinks

 I’ve come to the conclusion lately, or accepted the realization that I don’t really enjoy smoothies as much as the rest of the world.  I’m thinking that I really should be more of a juice person.  And just accept myself as I am.  No guilt. No trying and trying to get a feel for that thick, veggie/fruit packed drink and deal with it.  No, I’m going to be a juice girl.  I’ll save the pulp.  I’ll use up the fresh fruits I buy.  But I’m going to go much more for just pure juices when I make up morning meals in a glass.  That’s just me of course.  Ya’ll keep blendin’ away the way you like it an d we’ll all get a little healthier.

Spiced Orange Carrot Cooler
Freshly blended carrot and oranges with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. Poured over ice, this juice blend becomes the most refreshing drink you'll try this summer. No fuss here. Just a pure blend of sweet fruits and veggie with a pinch of spice.
  1. 2 cups Baby Carrots
  2. 2 cups Orange sections or approximately 3 oranges
  3. 2 cups of filtered Water
  4. 1/2 tsp Cinnamon
  5. 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  6. Ice Water to blend (about 1 quart)
  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.
  2. Pour the blended mix through a strainer or nut bag to separate the pulp from the juice.
  3. Save pulp for cookies, smoothies, baked goods etc.
  4. Serve Orange Carrot juice, well chilled over ice.

So you’re just not a carrot kinda Girl?  Here are some other fresh Summer drink ideas that may suit your fancy:


Simple Limeade

It's a Lemonade Kinda Day...

Maybe it’s just a ‘Lemonade’ kinda day?  This one has a touch of Coffee substitute for added flavor without the caffeine.

 side shot

 Watermelon SlushieIced Latte

A healthy, sugar and caffeine free Iced Coffee Creamer may be what you want.


These three are a few I’ve enjoyed from the health food store to cool off.  All 3 have a unique flavor and packed with healthy stuff.


 Rose Hip Tea – add a touch more sweetener and pour it over ice for a delicate summer sip.

Chilled Summer Swizzlers - Keep your cool with healthy drinks

 Ginger Pear Tea – another great option for an iced tea beverage this summer.

Chilled Summer Swizzlers - Keep your cool with healthy drinks

 Healthy Raw Cocoa Shake




Finally, a Baby Kale Creamy Coconut Smoothie, sure to keep you cool this summer!

Stay cool out there.  One of these chilin’ drinks should help out!

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6 thoughts on “Spiced Orange Carrot Cooler & 10 Summer Drink Options

  1. The Vegan 8

    Oh my, it’s not surprising at all that I’m insanely thirsty after this post, haha! I’m not even a huge fan if watermelon, but that slushy sounds sooo good!!
    Oh, and you are the way about smoothies as I am about the latest craze of smoothie bowls. I just don’t get it! Why eat a smoothie with a spoon, haha?! Just drink it. Hey, but we’re all different and that’s ok.

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      We’re all different and I have nothing against what goes into smoothies. I’m just done with the whole frozen banana, fill my freezer up, routine. I over did it I think. Sometimes I spend all the time and money and then go to drink the smoothie and it would have tasted better and lasted longer if I’d just eaten all those fruits raw.
      Anyway, try the watermelon. I have a good way to get them much sweeter than they usually come in the grocery. Leave them out in the sun for a couple of days before you slice the watermelon and you’ll be much more pleased with the taste. Stores pick everything so early that some fruits don’t even taste like anything but flavorless mush. I leave mine in my car to ripen up. The other day my dash looked like a tropical paradise. I had strawberries, bananas and plums, all along the dash in the sun. Lucky I didn’t get pulled over by the cops! 😉

  2. narf77

    I can drink either with gusto. Just a little aside question…I have a HUGE amount of sesame seed pulp left over from making my sesame seed milk that I use in my tea and cooking. NO idea what to do with it. Now that you are a raw aficionado, any ideas for how to use it? I don’t mind cooking it either. I am counting on your creative genius to liberate my fridge freezer from what must be about 2kg of the stuff now and a grumbling Stevie-boy who keeps having to pull out all of the packages of it to find his fish fingers 😉

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Ummm, that’s a lot of pulp? Funny you ask this as I’m just taking pics of a Tahini Ice cream. I bet you don’t need ice cream right now though there.
      And it only uses about 1/4 cup per batch so, oh well. Will the chickens eat it? I’m also thinking of dehydrating it and grinding it into flour which would store more easily. It would take a while and a lot of juice to dry it though ;( Flour seems like your best bet though. When I was making 2 – 3 batches of soy milk each week I had the same problem with the pulp and soy flour isn’t so great. I can see sesame flour having a much better flavor for breads and such. Or just start thickening soups and putting a scoop in your smoothies? You’ve probably already thought of all this so I’ll shut up.
      You could send it here? I’d make dehydrated crackers from it, yum!!

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