September Omnium-Gatherum

A very busy month with lots of fun things going on………..and a lot of work  (ARGGGHHH)

I was very fortunate to win a ‘Milk Frother’ from Capresso in a blog giveaway.  I’ve been heating my Soy or Nut Milks for some years now and this has been a real time saver in the mornings and adds a little fancy foam as well.  Very easy to clean and works great!

I’ve been experimenting with different flavors and even used it this morning to make apple cider spiced up with a Pumpkin Latte Syrup…..recipe coming up this week!

It was so delicious and the frother really made mixing and heating so quick.

Love it!

I also took some time to de-stress one cool September morning while working out in the farm areas of Maryland to stop and take in the beauty of a morning fog just lifting off the fields:

It was an early September humid but cool morning that just was perfect weather after such a hot summer.

This year’s corn crop is about done.  We had pretty regular rain this summer so it wasn’t as dried out as in some recent years.  I’ll miss

the taste of an ear of local corn picked fresh until next summer.

I always have associated corn on the cob, watermelon and lemon aide as my food highlights of each summer.  I look forward each year to

having them available fresh and locally.

I’ve picked the last of the cherry tomatoes as well so they don’t freeze or get picked off by some critters.   I left them in a sunny window safe in a sprouting jar to concentrate the heat and ripen them up.  Works pretty well, I’ve been enjoying about 4-5 a day.

I’ll miss fresh tomatoes as well this winter.  Hate the cardboard taste of the grocery store tomatoes !

And another success in September was in finding out that I can grow green onions, all year round inside the house.

These green onions were purchased at the end of August.

I’ve snipped off the greens to use in recipes 5 times now and they continue to grow back in about a week.

They sit in a sunny window and I change the water every day to just past the root section.

Wonderful idea I found on Pinterest.

Really makes having onions on hand for cooking a breeze………….not to mention I haven’t had to pay for onions in a month!

I found a beautiful antique cutting board this month that cleaned up incredibly after 100 years of use……………

Oak and Pine.  Really a great find that I had to spend 2 months of my ‘antiques’ budget on 🙁   ……

As usual, I can’t stop thinking about how many recipes were made on this board and what was going on with the families in the kitchens were it was used all those years.  If only antiques could talk!

And then near the end of September, my husband and I joined my sister to celebrate my brother-in-law becoming a U.S. citizen.  It was a special day for him and for us.  23 different countries were participating and each one of them looked proud and very representative of what the country should stand for.  If you’d like to hear the actual ‘swearing in’ ceremony, click on the video below.  It’s only a few minutes but a great reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a powerful and productive country.

U.S. Citizenship Ceremony Video

Finally this month, my Healthy Fun Food Recipe Contest has come to an end.

The winner of both categories, Sweet & Savory is Caroline and her blog –  Gutsy.

Caroline wins a 1/2 sheet non-stick baking sheet from Silpat, and a box of wonderfully healthy cookies from Nana’s Cookie Company.

Be sure and check out both of Caroline’s winning recipes below:

‘Salmon Jerky’ – Savory Category Winner                    Coconut Flour Banana Bread – Sweet Category Winner

Congratulations on winning Caroline and thanks for sharing so many of your healthy ideas and recipes with me this month.

I’ve gained a new friend and a lot of great ideas.

Now on to August for lot’s more fun and fitness!

For lots and lots more Healthy Fun Food Recipes – Be sure to check out my Pinterest Page!


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