Royal Red Adzuki Bean Soup repost

Royal Red Adzuki Bean Soup - Vegan MoFo from


Homemade Sprouted Adzuki Bean Soup.  One of my favorite ‘sprouted’ soups I made up this spring.  Worth revisiting this Vegan MoFo season!

Spicy Sprouted Adzuki Bean Soup

If you’re new to Canned-Time, you haven’t realized just what a soup fanatic I’ve become.  Here’s a link to my other healthy soup ideas.

Super Soups from

Check them out and make them your own with a twist or two to suit your likes and needs.


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8 thoughts on “Royal Red Adzuki Bean Soup repost

  1. narf77

    I bought a stack of adzuki beans recently from our health food shop but I intend to make red bean paste with my homemade date paste so that I can use it in steamed Chinese buns. I might just have to buy some more adzuki beans now so that I can make this gorgeous soup…YUMMO Angela, you keep coming up with the goods 🙂

      1. narf77

        Yeah, they are cheap here too and delicious in both sweet and savoury recipes. We really do underappreciate them in Western Society. The Indians and Chinese certainly put them through their paces though 😉

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