On being Vegan…& Floyde has a new friend…sort of?

Notice – the links in this post should be very disturbing to Anyone.

We have bunnies!!
Wild bunnies that is. I guess it’s wrong to call them ours since they are on their own for food and shelter.   But our woods are full of bunnies this year to watch and enjoy ♥ If there’s anything cuter, I don’t know what it would be with the twitching nose, the radar ears…and of course that cotton tail thumping up and down when they hop through the grass.


His fur coat is just gorgeous. Isn’t it?  But then would you wear your dog?


So Mr. Floyde, our spoiled cat has become a solo pet in the house this summer since our Taz left us last month and my Sophie died a few years ago.  Floyde has literally taken over the house with no more territorial boundries limiting his gall domain.  He rules the house, but not the yard….these bunnies seem to have a terrifying effect on Mr. Floyde.  Facination with their constant chewing and hopping keeps him occupied for hours perched in the window sills just watching…and waiting for the next Hippity HOP!

Some rabbits today aren’t  lucky enough to be jumping through the tall grass.

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 In early spring this year, when the baby bunnies first started to appear around the neighborhood, Floyde rarely noticed their camouflaged fur hiding in the fresh green grasses.  But now he can usually pick one out as soon as it moves.   If one of them sees him as well…they’ll  just freeze in their tracks….except for one brave bunny who challenged Floyde to a duel of sorts.   One day  Floyde chased one peacefully grazing rabbit into the high brush only to reappear several seconds later so terrified that he ran back into the house and up 3 flights of stairs to take cover.  That bunny knew how to guard his own domain for sure.  So now Floyde is content to watch in fascination from window sills and glass doorways for hours…in the safety of his own castle.

One has to reflect here on the classic scene from Monty Python’s ‘The Holy Grail” –  the ‘killer rabbit’ scene –  ”Run Away!!!”

On being Vegan & Floyde has a new friend, sort of?

Who would really ever want to fight with this monster anyway?  Not me!

On being Vegan & Floyde has a new friend, sort of?

Coexisting with those around us with different lifestyles and habits can be a real challenge most days.  I’ve found for my own life that it’s best to live your life in a way that shows an example to others of what you believe.   Try not to  charge your way into their thoughts by chasing them down or threatening their well being.  We’re all here to learn and forgive, progress and get along right?

Being Vegan isn’t just a diet, to me anyway.  It’s a mindset of kindness to others.  Even those who don’t understand you.

Even the ones who want to chase you back into the woods.

On being Vegan & Floyde has a new friend, sort of?

If Floyde can learn how to co exist with anything, even killer bunnies, there’s hope for us all ♥

Thanks for stopping by Canned-Time.  And be kind to one another out there.  It’s a cruel world we all live in.

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8 thoughts on “On being Vegan…& Floyde has a new friend…sort of?

  1. narf77

    We find evidence of our fallen killer bunnies all over the place in the form of their little cotton tails thanks to the growing population of feral cats around here…nature is indeed cruel…

  2. An Unrefined Vegan

    You got some great photos, Angela!

    I’m imagining Floyde bravely chasing the rabbit and then suddenly coming up on a whole gang of rabbits waiting for him in the undergrowth, hehe! We also have more rabbits than usual this year and they drive Ikey absolutely bonkers. He thinks anything that size is a squirrel and must be chased. Thankfully they are just too fast for him.

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