Nancy’s “Mexican Breakfast In Bed” – from Spicie Foodie ‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ entry #8

Nancy's 'Mexican Breakfast In Bed' from Spicy Foodie - Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #8


 My ‘Breakfast In Bed-Festival’ this year is really just a sneaky way of sharing my favorite Vegan bloggers best breakfast recipes with you all and having a bit of competitive fun all the while.  As I have said too many lots of times before, I leave out for work in the pre-pre-dawn hours, more like the middle of the night for some, I’m sure. I don’t get the luxury very often to enjoy a wonderfully fresh home made breakfast to enjoy in the comfort of my home.  So I’m hosting a little monthly highlight this year of the best of the best in healthy breakfast ideas for days when I am able to spend more time enjoying breakfast. I’ve asked 12 of the most creative, health conscious and economically minded  bloggers to each share 1 breakfast that highlights both their own website and their own ingenuity for eating healthily, kindly and creatively.  At year’s end, we’ll have a little vote on which month’s posting you all enjoyed the most and congratulate the winner with a few kind words and some prizes.  There’s a Pinterest board you can follow to see how the event unfolds each month with all the recipes and news about my Breakfast In Bed-Fest and it’s participants.  

2014 'Breakfast In Bed-Fest' on

This month, I’m welcoming Nancy

from Spicie Foodie

Her ‘Mexican Breakfast In Bed’

are the 8th Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry.


Hola Canned Time readers! I’m Nancy and I blog at Spicie Foodie. My blog focuses on healthy, fresh and delicious foods from around the world with a big(ger) focus on Mexican and Asian recipes. I am a published author and Yummy Pics: A Food Bloggers Guide To Better Photos is my latest book. 

Nancy's 'Mexican Breakfast In Bed' from Spicy Foodie - Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #8 

I do not follow a vegan lifestyle, but both my husband and I love vegan and vegetarian meals — those are my favourite ones to prepare. Though I eat meat, I am a strong supporter of animal rights and am appalled by modern animal farming practices. Because of these believes I purchase organic meat when available (to me) and I also cook as many vegan and vegetarian meals as possible. I’m so excited to be participating in Angela’s Breakfast In Bed event. It is truly an honour that Angela invited me despite the fact that I am not a full-time vegan. Thank you so much Angela! 

When I was a little girl, I loved my mom’s weekend breakfasts. This was when she had more time to make one of her elaborate Mexican breakfasts that I so looked forward to. Her savoury breakfasts were always (and still are) my first choice. Ranked pretty high among my favourites were her chorizo and eggs; The scent of the chorizo spices wafted around her kitchen and they drove my belly insane with anticipation of that first bite. My mouth waters just thinking about it. 

 Nancy's 'Mexican Breakfast In Bed' from Spicy Foodie - Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #8

I still love chorizo and eggs for breakfast…lunch…and dinner too. But chorizo is a sausage and it’s not something I like to eat too often. Thankfully soyrizo came into my life so that I can continue to enjoy the delicious flavours of traditional chorizo without having to eat meat. Even though I’ve eaten my fair share of meat chorizo, when I eat soyrizo I do not miss the meat at all — in fact I would go as far as saying that most days I prefer the vegan version to the meat one. It’s that good! 


Angela’s rules for the Breakfast in Bed event are simple: Prepare a vegan breakfast that is delicious and economical. No problem! My breakfast preferences are always savoury over sweet — am I alone on this one? There were many traditional and non-traditional Mexican breakfasts that came to mind, but in the end I choose to veganize one of my most favourite breakfasts. These savoury tacos are delicious for breakfast, brunch, lunch and/or dinner — I’ve eaten them for all meals. If all of that isn’t enough, soyrizo is inexpensive and the effort involved in preparing it is minimal. In about 30 minutes you can have a filling, nutritious, delicious and inexpensive meal on your table. 

 Nancy's 'Mexican Breakfast In Bed' from Spicy Foodie - Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #8

I hope you enjoy these breakfast tacos as much as I do. Thanks again to Angela for the invitation and to you for reading. Don’t forget to check out all of the delicious recipes previously submitted to the event. 


For more healthy, fresh and delicious recipes be sure to follow me on my blog and/or any of my Social Media profiles . 

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 Nancy's 'Mexican Breakfast In Bed' from Spicy Foodie - Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #8 

Mexican Breakfast in Bed
!Taco Ingredients
  1. 250 gm or 1 package of soyrizo*
  2. splash of olive oil (or your favourite oil)
  3. fresh cilantro, for topping
  4. slices of avocado, to accompany and optional
  5. corn tortillas
!Salsa Ingredients
  1. 2 medium tomatoes, chopped or cubed
  2. half of a small onion, finely chopped
  3. 1 fresh habanero pepper (or 1 fresh jalapeño pepper), finely minced**
  4. 1 large handful of cilantro, finely chopped
  5. half to one medium lime, juiced
  6. large pinch of fine sea salt
  1. 1. First we will make the salsa: Mix the chopped tomatoes, onions, pepper and cilantro until well combined. Add half to the lime juice and sea salt and combine again. Taste and if needed add the rest of the juice and more salt. Place in the refrigerator until ready to use.
  2. 2. Heat enough olive oil in a pan to lightly coat it and prevent the soyrizo from sticking. Once warm add the soyrizo to the pan. Using a wooden spatula or the back of a spoon, gently press the soyrizo down to break up until it resembles coarse crumbs. Saute it until it darkens and dries to resemble ground meat — soyrizo has liquid so it’s imperative to cook it all off. You’ll know the soyrizo is ready when it’s firm. Allow to cool slightly. In the meantime remove the salsa from the refrigerator and heat up the corn tortillas. Place a tablespoon or two in the middle of each tortilla, top with salsa and extra cilantro if desired. Served the avocado slices inside or on the side of each taco. Serve 3-4 tacos per person.
  1. * Make sure you choose one made with Non-GMO soybeans. Also look for a brand that does not use artificial colouring, try to find one that uses annatto seed or achiote. Lastly, read the label to make sure there aren’t any additional “filler” ingredients included — like flours or starches.
  2. ** Habanero peppers are quite spicy but you can use fresh jalapeños instead. To make it even milder first remove the seeds and vein from inside the chile.
  3. *** This filling may also be used for vegan/vegetarian burritos, to mix with other ingredients for a breakfast hash, or additionally potatoes and onions may be mixed in with the chorizo for an even more filling meal. If you have vegetarians in the family simple mix in lightly beaten eggs to the cooked chorizo and continue to cook until the eggs are cooked through. The possibilities are endless.
Nancy's 'Mexican Breakfast In Bed' from Spicy Foodie - Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #8

Thanks Nancy!   

Nancy's 'Mexican Breakfast In Bed' from Spicy Foodie - Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #8

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5 thoughts on “Nancy’s “Mexican Breakfast In Bed” – from Spicie Foodie ‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ entry #8

  1. narf77

    Lookin good Ms Angela, good and spicy. I don’t think that I would eat these in bed to be honest as there are already enough doggy hairs etc. to contend with without adding to the mix in our poor long suffering bed. These look like brunch out on the deck to moi! Cheers for the share…now I just have to find soyrizo…

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      If you do find it out there in the tundra
      maybe you could sneak some past Steve as good as these look.
      And thanks for not being a bugger about Nancy ‘ s post. I figure 90% of Vegans were meat eating at some point. For me, there’s enough hate in the World not to add even more against those who aren’t there but still have a respect for those of us who are.

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