Homemade Sprouted Protein Powders


Homemade Smoothie Protein Powders - from Canned-Time.com

I’ve been messing with this powder mix for a few months now and finally have it where I want it to be in taste, price and nutrition. The wonderful thing about ‘homemade’ is that you can make it up the way that you want it to be, not me.  Or not some store that puts it on a shelf for years.  Then marks down the price to try to move it out more quickly.  You can make this powder up in relatively little time for less money and more bang for your smoothie buck.


I sprouted the broccoli seeds and buckwheat to push up the nutrition in those powders even more.  Just dehydrate your sprouts on about 100 degrees for a few hours until they’re dried then grind them in the coffee grinder like everything else in this powdered protein mix.  Of course you can leave the cocoa out and add in another flavor or leave plain.  Cocoa is surprisingly high in protein though so I’d leave it and enjoy a thick, rich chocolate smoothie that fills you up with fiber, folic acid, iron, calcium and of course 


Homemade Smoothie Protein Powders - from Canned-Time.com

My version has equal parts dehydrated broccoli spouts, cocoa powder, turbinado sugar, wild rice, red rice, brown rice, gluten free oats, and sprouted buckwheat groats.  Grind them all up in a coffee grinder until you have a fine powder and then blend together and store in an airtight container for months.  Freezer works best to maintain the nutritional values until you are ready to scoop and enjoy!

3 oz of this mix, or 6 or 7 Tbs. will get you a whole lot a protein into your smoothies.  With this mix in equal parts of each ingredient it gives you about 22 grams of protein per drink, not to mention what’s in the fruit and nut milks you may use.  Awesome.

 Homemade Smoothie Protein Powders - from Canned-Time.com


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7 thoughts on “Homemade Sprouted Protein Powders

  1. The Vegan 8

    Wow Angela, this looks and sounds amazing!! I’ve never even thought to make hind are powder, but yours looks sooo healthy and superfood. Wish I had a dehydrator! Oh, and your cat is too cute 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Thanks Brandi….Mr. Floyde is an only child at this point and takes full advantage of his looks and funny habits.
      The powder has worked out well for me and I think it’s a good substitute to store bought. I’ve seen so many expensive brands that a mainly white rice flour and how easy is that to make? I like using more nutritious rices and grains to do the same thing for your smoothies or soups. And you know what’s going into your drink which is always the best of course. Thanks and take care ♥

  2. narf77

    It’s no WONDER Mr Floyd looks so good for his age…what an amazing and most inventive slave he keeps! I never thought of being able to make a protein powder. I think I would sub in homemade date sugar for the regular sugar as that delivers a hit of iron as well and I would also dehydrate the sesame pulp that I get from making my sesame milk (for my tea) and add that as a source of calcium…add a bit of orange juice to this powder and you get a massive hit of iron and protein…gotta say I am getting VERY excited about this post Angela…I think you outdid yourself this time on the narf7 fronts 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Wow, high praise coming from someone who works so hard at their health and diet. I knew that there would be tweaks from everyone and I’ll tweak some myself. i just wanted to present the idea of making your rice flours yourself and adding in other even more nutritious powders to make it cheaper and more healthy.
      Date sugar sounds good. I wanted to make a sample that would work for the laziest of smoothies so I dropped in the turbinado. I’d use Stevia as well. Love the sesame pulp idea 😉

      1. narf77

        Can’t wait to fire up the dehydrator (in the shed 😉 ) and get some of this on the go…but first “start your sprouts!” :). Cheers again Angela, I can’t remember when I have been so excited about a “recipe” as this one! I love things that can give so much more than their individual components 🙂

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