Lemon Meringue Chia Pudding from ‘The Lusty Vegan’


“Food, like love and sex, is important.  It’s nourishing, it’s uplifting, it’s emotional.  

And—like the relationship status of doom—it’s complicated”  – The Lusty Vegan

Lemon Meringue Chia Pudding from 'The Lusty Vegan' - a review and giveaway on Canned-Time.com

What a fun book!

With the plethora of Vegan cookbooks being launched this year, I can say that this one was really quite different.  But just as useful to me.  Maybe even more so.  It deals with great tasting food of course.  It also delves into what may or may not be a significant  problem in the lives of many Vegans today.  

That is, dealing with Omnivores, YIKES!!

Since I too have a mixed household when it comes to meat, I just loved how many great ideas this book reveals for dealing with just this fact: Not everyone eats a fruits and veggies all day, DUH!

It’s a tad bit risqué but deals with real life issues of non-vegan vs. vegan tastefully and extensively.  Including The Morning After, Holiday Meals, Cohabitation, Food for Sex :-0, and even Breakup Foods.  It has a little bit of help for every living situation.  And if not for all that, it would still be a marvelous collection of vegan basics and meals with beautiful pics and great descriptive recipe formats.

Plus some great advice for those still searching for a mate, Vegan or not.  It is really a manual for how to survive in modern society and still eat great tasting, easy to fix foods that won’t screw up your love life.  Oh, and if none of these issues interest you?  

You need a copy just for the Cranberry-Walnut Cinnamon Rolls recipe ♥

 The authors, Ayindé Howell and Zoë Eisenberg are offering one of my readers a chance to receive a copy for free, YAY!!

As well as giving you a sneak peek into one of their desserts, Lemon Meringue Chia Pudding.


Lemon Meringue Chia Pudding from 'The Lusty Vegan' - a review and giveaway on Canned-Time.com 

 Just a few highlights from the book you can look forward to:

Breakfast Andouille Sausage with Biscuits
Cloud 9 Pancakes
Hearts of Baltimore Crab Cakes
Cajun Tofu with Dirty Quinoa
Seitan Kebabs with Sangria Tomato Salad
Mexican Hot Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Lemon Meringue Chia Pudding
I discovered chia seeds in 2011. I was looking for a new dessert to add to one of my menus for my “Wildflower Weekend” pop-up. I wanted to take it step further and make a cross between a yogurt and pudding. What would you call that? A yodding? A pugurt? I think it’s all in how you say it. Just elongate the u sound and use a French accent. Puugurrrtt. See? Fancy. (From The Lusty Vegan © 2014 by Ayinde Howell and Zoe Eisenberg. Used with permission from Vegan Heritage Press.)
  1. 1 cup almond milk
  2. 1 cup raw cashews, soaked in water overnight and drained
  3. 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  4. 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  5. 2 tablespoons agave nectar
  6. Pinch of salt
  7. 3 tablespoons chia seeds
  8. 1 ripe melon (for plating, optional)
  1. Combine all of the ingredients except the chia seeds (and melon) in a blender. Blend the
  2. mixture on the high setting until smooth. Taste and adjust lemon or sweetener to your liking.
  3. Whisk the chia seeds into the mixture (make sure they don’t clump up).
  4. Pour the mixture into a glass jar. Cover with a lid and refrigerate overnight, or at least 2 to 10
  5. hours to allow the chia to form the pudding.
  1. Pro-Tip: Remember we eat with our eyes first, so here is a plating trick to help your cause. To
  2. plate your pudding, take a ripe melon and cut it in half. Spoon out the seeds and scoop the
  3. pudding into the middle. Serve cold with a spoon.
Lemon Meringue Chia Pudding from 'The Lusty Vegan' - a review and giveaway on Canned-Time.com

 To enter to win a copy of  “The Lusty Vegan” 

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Vegan vs.  non-Vegan relationships.  If you already are a subscriber, THANK YOU!  and just mention that in your comment.

Contest open to U. S. residents only please.  Ends November 1st.

TLV Cover Full Size Hi-Res 7-25-14

Ayinde Howell is an executive chef who lives and works in Los Angeles. His recipes have been published in the New York Times, Essence, VegNEws Magazine, and many others. He is the founder and publisher of the award-winning iEatGrass website, and owner and executive chef of his critically acclaimed culinary-event company, Wildflower.

Zoe Eisenberg is a writer and editor who focuses on food, dating, and sex. A certified holistic health counselor with a degree in creative writing, Zoe has been published in a variety of print and online sources, from Vegan Mainstream to XOJane.com. She writes about living, loving, and eating on her blog, SexyTofu.com, and is currently the Managing Editor of iEatGrass.com.

‘The Lusty Vegan” available on Amazon.

Have a safe weekend everyone ♥

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25 thoughts on “Lemon Meringue Chia Pudding from ‘The Lusty Vegan’

  1. jody w

    Almost every time I’ve dated a non-vegan, they’ve switched to a vegan diet. It just happened organically and wasn’t something I pushed.

  2. e.b.

    I’m a vegan dating an omnivore, and it definitely isn’t easy. Thankfully he’s open to trying whatever I make and respects my eating habits, but I’m always still bummed to see him order a steak when we go out together. I try to be as non-judgmental as possible when it comes to others’ meals because it has a lot to do with how you were raised, but being a vegan is just so much healthier for your body, other beings, and the planet. I would love to see him switch, but I won’t push it…but crossing my fingers for at least a vegetarian transformation in the future!

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Thanks so much for your comments e.b.!
      I feel your pain. My husband and I were definitely not vegan when we met so I’m always appreciative of his support. But EXACTLY like you say, its a bummer serving him meaty meals. I wish you luck with the contest. I think this book is just perfect for you and your Omni-half? Take care and good luck ♥

    2. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      YEA! You’re the winner of the Lusty Vegan book giveaway!!
      Congratulations ❤❤❤
      I need a full name and address to send to the publishers so they can ship the book.
      Can you email me @cannedtime11@gmail.com ?

  3. Mandy

    This recipe sounds amazing! As for the vegan/non-vegan relationships – it can definitely be tricky. My husband and I went vegan together seven years ago, but about three years ago he added some dairy back into his diet – while at home he is 100% vegan…it’s when he’s at work that he struggles. He feels better when he stays away from animal products, so hopefully he’ll join me (and Willow) again and go vegan 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Thanks Mandy and I hope so for you both too!
      I’ve never had that feeling to go back to meat so I’m lucky like that I guess. It’s really very easy for me to eat healthy delicious stuff everyday which I’m sure helps with the restrictions. I know a few people who’s spouses eat meat on business trips and such and I guess they should be grateful for any efforts that help reduce the killings.
      Thanks for sharing. Good luck with it all 😉

  4. J

    Cohabiting with an omnivore. We live like roommates at home, buying and cooking separate meals, but he’s as much of an expert on local vegan restaurants and options as I am!

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Sounds like my home. He even corrects me if I’m not sure on some ingredients when we’re out. It does take some balancing for sure, but it can be done!! Thanks for your comments. And good luck with the book 😉

  5. Susan

    When I decided to switch to a vegan diet, my husband made the switch too. That was 2 years ago, and we are both still surprised at how much more varied our diet is now, vs when we were Omni…

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      It really is amazing how many different things I eat now that never would have been part of my life before that have become staples now. Thanks for sharing Susan. Hoping you well and good luck in the contest.

  6. Nicollette D.

    I’m engaged to an omni but he’s as supportive as they come– always seeking out restaurants with vegan options, willing to go to vegan restaurants, and happy to eat, or at least try, whatever I make, even my less than attractive attempt at tempeh bacon

  7. Allison L

    I deferred my desire to go vegan for 8 years while in a relationship with a vegetarian who thought if I went vegan it would make cooking “inconvenient” for him. When that relationship ended I was firm on the fact that I would only date people who wouldn’t try to change my ethics and diet. While I met many guys who said they accepted my beliefs, the conversation always turned to “why?,” “don’t you miss meat?,” and “but what about in the long run? Like, would you just not cook for me?” Finally I landed me a vegan, so no worries, but I say the only way is to find someone who is already vegan or willing to convert. I know too many who have let their ethics slip to accommodate their partners.

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Great advice Allison and so happy for you and your end results ♥
      I’m not ‘working’ on my husband to change but he does enjoy a whole-lot-a healthier dishes now that I’m fixing my meals to blend with his. It’s all a balancing act and I’m pretty sure that love can mend a lot of the contention on both sides.
      Thanks so much for your comments. I hope to see you hear again with more tips and tried experiences.
      Take care.

  8. Didi

    My husband is a raging carnivore, for some reason it is not a source of stress for us though. I won’t change his mind and he is fully respectful of my choices. He is at least aware of how the animal lived its life before it ended up on his plate, maybe that’s the start he needs?

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