July Omnium-Gatherum

This month we celebrate our independence.

The month has been full of lots of great finds for my kitchen,  mixed in with lots of hard, humid, hot,

sticky weather to work in each day 🙁

Some things like the hot sun much more than me:

So, the good of having a job and being able to spend time in the kitchen……….

And the bad of spending a whole lot of hours on the road earning some pay to buy beauties like this:

Actually these two pieces were only $3.00 each at The Home Goods store.  So a really good find there.

Then I found a couple good buys at an Antique store in Damascus MD.

I filled up the old Mason Jar with a new recipe for Chocolate Banana Cashew Nut Butter, awesome stuff with or without the jar…

The dishes were labeled with who owned them and such.  I always wonder about what family had the things I buy and what may have happened in their lives with the dishes.  Were they hand-me-downs?  Did they have special meaning to them?

My Mom recently gave me a bunch of table linens from her Mom and Grandmother.

And I know they are

VERY special to me.

How many hours they spent sewing is amazing to me.

I see things that are old and broken down now days,

I can’t help thinking that these days we’re way too electronic, cynical and tired.

And some things that were a way of life for so many years are completely obsolete now……………like Canning.

People used to have time to think.  To enjoy family.

I did enjoy getting another bottle of sand for my collection.

This one is from a trip to  Maine my husband took.  So cool how different the sand colors are in the collection.

I’ve been using lots of my Sugar Scrub this month too,

It feels so refreshing on my skin after long hot days working outside in this heat!

Love it!

And I drank lots of my favorite summer drink to help keep me cool:

Healthy Iced Mochas can make a bad day turn a whole lot easier……….

Lot’s of good stuff coming up in August on Canned Time including a Recipe Competition and another great giveaway.

What’s your summer been like so far?  Is it baking hot where you are?  Do you work out in the weather?

Love to see your links to what you’ve been up to.

Be grateful everyone.  And appreciate your past.

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0 thoughts on “July Omnium-Gatherum

    1. Canned Time Post author

      It was a steal. I gave myself a $20 limit each month for Antiques, otherwise I’d buy so much more. Just like you said, it’s so interesting to think of how the pieces were used by someone else who just had them for the sake of needed to use them. And how hard they worked to earn the money to buy things back then too. My mom just turned 80 and she’s the type that will use something until it falls apart because that’s how it used to be for most people, they appreciated every little thing they had. Makes me feel dumb sometimes buying them just for photographs…but then I do it anyway 🙂 thanks Averie!

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