July 4th Summer ‘Vegan’ Munchies

Yes, you are seeing this again.  It’s a replay from Memorial Day.  Worth seeing again, and again….
Happy July 4th Weekend !!
'Tiger' Slaw, July 4th Grillin'' Vegan Munchies from Canned-Time.com

 What’s on the menu for your holiday cookouts July 4th weekend?

May I suggest a few of these goodies……..starting off with a delectable creamy slaw, spiced up with a touch of horseradish.

This slaw is simple:

3 cups shredded slaw mix + 6 Tbs Vegan Sour Cream + 4 Tbs Vegan Mayo 6 tsp sugar + 3 Tbs Prepared Horseradish + 1 Tbs Celery Seed +         1/2 tsp Sea Salt + 1/2 tsp Black Pepper +1/4 Cup Rice Vinegar + 1/2 Cup Diced Green Pepper + Sliced Cherry Tomatoes.

Blend and chill for 1 hour.


 Now on to the grilling…..Vegans don’t grill you say?  WAHHH, of course we do!!

Cucumber 'Chili Dogs' for 'Memorial Day' Munchies on Canned-Time.com 

These cucumber chili dogs will blow any mystery meat, red-dye-filled dog away at your cookout! 

 Cucumber 'Chili Dogs' for 'Memorial Day' Munchies on Canned-Time.com

All the messy, bold flavors of a traditional spicy chili dog……without all the, well, yucky stuff.


 Baby cucumbers will grill up in just 1 minute and bring you the most flavorful, crisp and tasty dogs you’ve ever put in your mouth.  I was actually surprised how similar the taste of these was to a meat dog. Slice baby cucumbers in half and grill or bake for 1 – 2 minutes, cut side down.  Garnish with chili, mustard, jalapeno….you know the drill!

Really fabulous.  You can find delicious Vegan canned chili at most grocery stores these days.  Whole Foods makes a great one for hot dogs.

A must try this weekend!

Spicy Carrot Fries for "Memorial Day" Munchies on Canned-Time.com

Team your cucumber chili dogs up with a healthier fry, carrot stick fries that is.  Seasoned with onion salt, a pinch of cayenne and some black sesame seeds for extra nutrition, they are a great side for your meal and cook up in about 15 minutes.  

You can find the recipe for a batch of Carrot Stick Fries HERE.  

BBQ Corn on the Cob for July 4th Grillin' Munchies now on Canned-Time.com

You’ll want to start off the summer season with a few sweet ears of corn on the cob too.  Another great veggie for the grill.  My holiday version has a drizzle of walnut oil and then each corn ear is rubbed over with a spicy BBQ dry rub, then they get wrapped up and set on the grill for about 30 minutes.  Corn perfection……..

 For spectacularly tasty BBQ Corn on the Cob:

1.  Rub each ear of cleaned corn with oil.  I used Walnut.

2.  Sprinkle each ear with a spicy BBQ rub.  I recommend one that has a good blend of sweet and spice.

3.  Wrap each ear in foil.

4.  Cook on the grill for about 30 minutes or in the oven at 400 for 30 minutes.

Not so messy as buttered corn with all the spicy flavors of summer.


Now on to dessert.

Pistachio Macadamia Nut Ice Cream for 'Memorial Day' Munchies on Canned-Time.com

A big bowl of my favorite ice cream  – Pistachio – fancied up with Macadamia Nuts – Veganized of course.

You can find all the instructions on making up a batch for yourself    HERE.

Finally, you’ll need something delicious to rinse all these fresh foods down with.  How about a chilled glass of fresh watermelon juice?  A fantastic, healthy drink that looks as festive for parties as it tastes.  

Find plenty of Memorial Day Cookout ideas this week on Canned-Time.com - Chili Dogs, Slaw, Fries, BBQ Corn on the Cob, and Ice Cream with Watermelon Coolers to wash it down #Memorialdayfood #VeganCookout #VeganGrilling #VeganMemorialDay #HealthyMemorialDayMeals #VeganCookout #VeganSummerFoods

Summer is full of such a fabulous combination of flavors.  I just love eating fresh, locally grown foods for holidays, anydays.

'Tiger' Slaw, 'July 4th Grillin'' Vegan Munchies from Canned-Time.com


BBQ Corn on the Cob for July 4th Grillin' Munchies now on Canned-Time.com 

I could eat this corn-on-the-cob every night this summer.  You’ve got to try some with a rub! 

 BBQ Corn on the Cob for Memorial Day Munchies now on Canned-Time.com

 Find plenty of Memorial Day Cookout ideas this week on Canned-Time.com - Chili Dogs, Slaw, Fries, BBQ Corn on the Cob, and Ice Cream with Watermelon Coolers to wash it down #Memorialdayfood #VeganCookout #VeganGrilling #VeganMemorialDay #HealthyMemorialDayMeals #VeganCookout #VeganSummerFoods

For your Watermelon Slushie, fill your blender full of large cubes of fresh, well ripened watermelon.  Blend until smooth then strain the liquid through a strainer to remove the pulp.  Pour the stained liquid back into the blender and add ice.  Blend again and serve in chilled glasses.  I also added a little fresh basil to the mix.  You may want to add in a little sugar or stevia as well depending on how ripe your melon is.  This drink is fantastic for a breakfast pick-me-up as well as a party drink.  1 blender full of fresh watermelon will yield about 1 quart of juice after blended and stained.

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17 thoughts on “July 4th Summer ‘Vegan’ Munchies

  1. The Vegan 8

    My goodness, Angela, everything looks absolutely amazingly, delicious! I’m seriously starving and feel the summertime in full effect with the chili dogs and slaw and slushie! Yum! I need to try that slaw, I love a good slaw 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Kinda makes me hungry everytime I look at these Brandi. I know you’ll love the slaw. It was Veganized from a recipe my husband loved at a local picnic. The horseradish isn’t overpowering at all. In fact, we added 2X’s the amount as the original called for 😉
      And those cucumber dogs are to die for. I was really surprised myself how much they taste like the original. If you used a pickle instead of fresh cucumber, they’d have the taste of a Chicago dog if you’re into that.
      Hope you give a few a try and Happy, safe weekend to you guys!!

  2. narf77

    You certainly nailed Memorial Day! I wonder if you used fermented whole cukes for the bbq how they would taste? Your idea is very intriguing and I am going to have to try it in about 6 months time ;). Just noticed your comment to your first comment about using pickles. I guess you just answered my query ;). Cheers for the delicious share and what is Memorial Day in memory of? I guess it is like our ANZAC Day? One of those regional war things? Anyhoo…cheers for the scrumptious shares. I am going to have a go at making those carrot fries as I have a HUGE bag of carrots (we grow them here in Tassie to sell to the mainland) that I got dirt cheap and am slowly munching my way through them but any new carroty ideas are seized upon with gusto 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Memorial Day is / was a day to remember fallen soldiers in any U. S. war. What it is now is a big Retailer’s Hay day with tons of sales, especially on mattresses for some unknown reason. Like Christmas, it’s as far from it’s intended purpose as possible now.
      The pickles would be good I think, as long as they are not too flimsy. I think a crisp pickle with a little sour touch would go great. I used fresh small cucs, sliced in half and heated. I couldn’t really taste ‘cucumber’, just the shape with all the other fixens on top. I didn’t use the grill when I did my original try. I’m making them again this weekend using the grill but feel free to try them out just heating up the pickle / cuc on the stove top 😉

      1. narf77

        Cukes really don’t have much taste I guess so would be perfect for this purpose. Small Lebanese cukes would be amazing as they have a great texture already. Mattresses you say eh? Maybe you need a good mattress to lay down on after eating ALL OF THE FOOD! 😉 Have a great Memorial Day, it sort of is like our ANZAC Day after all cept sans mattresses 😉

  3. rika@vm

    What a mind-blowing list of yummy vegan munchies for Memorial Day! I want a bowl of the creamy Pistachio ice cream you made! Have a great weekend, Angela!

  4. Holly @ My Plant-Based Family

    I’m seriously rethinking my menu after reading this! It all looks fantastic! I love the idea of the Cuke dogs! My little guy can’t have carrots and all I see are carrot dog recipes. We use baked potatoes and cut them into big wedges or a “dogs” often. It doesn’t necessarily taste just like a hot dog but I get my mustard fix. 🙂 Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Agreed Holly. And thanks for commenting! The cucumber dogs are not a direct match of course but the mustard, jalapeño and chili is spot on so that’s good enough for me.
      I’d like to see how they are with a crisp pickle instead of a raw cucumber too. Have a great day and please let me know if you do try them 🙂

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