Jules and Jack – Welcome

So Saturday, I finished up my 6th morning of working in the cold,  winter air and was just feeling blah.  Working Decembers are tough for me with the dark mornings, the onset of cold weather and the self-inflicted pressures to get all my work done in as few days as possible so I don’t get stuck with bad weather days disrupting my work schedule.  Anyway, I’ve been pushing myself to work long and hard this week.  On Friday after work,  we stopped by the County Animal Shelter just to walk around and get my mind off of the drag of work.  Probably not a great idea for a  Vegan who’s lost 2 of her pets in the last 3 years and cries at the thought of animals caged up.

Welcoming Jules & Derek to my World on Canned-Time.com

Well, we fell in love.  Maybe I shouldn’t say “we”, only because my husband fell in love with a tiny little ‘spunky’ black kitten.  I fell in love with the twins.  A brother and sister who’d been dropped off at the Shelter back in July at just 2 months old.  All they know of life was life in that cage.  As you see in the pics, they were just like twins, relying on each other for all the comfort and enthusiasm that they could muster up each day inside of a 3′ X 2′ cage which includes food and a litter box.  Don’t get me wrong.  This facility is fabulous, brand new and has a ‘no kill’ policy. They facilitated 36 adoptions just last weekend!

But life inside this cage as a young cat is just a drag to stay the least.

 Welcoming Jules & Derek to my World on Canned-Time.com

Jules in the cage at the Shelter wondering why some strange lady, about to become her Mom,  is sticking a cell phone into her home….

They’ve been at the Shelter so long that a few of the staff were coming over to see them go as we were leaving.  

$100 per cat, $50 off for two!  What a bargain for these two, currently petrified cuties ♥

Welcoming Jules & Derek to my World on Canned-Time.com

So we have them, for now,  in a spare bedroom that must seem like a mansion to them right now.  

More bed space, toys and food than they’ve ever known.  Quite overwhelming for them and we’ve left them alone much of the time to just…readjust.  Fun with our older cat, Mr. Floyde can wait for now.  Welcoming Jack and Julianna to our World promises to bring as much fun for us as for them.  Can’t wait to hear them running free through the house, without fear or restrictions.  Their World has just gone from safe to fabulous in one transaction.  Something to help me get through my cold winter work days coming up, for sure.

Hope everyone is having a peaceful, fun Holiday season.  
We’re  off to Cleveland at the end of this week and hoping for NO SNOW!

If you’d like more information on the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center click HERE.

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16 thoughts on “Jules and Jack – Welcome

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      They make us happy too so its a nice trade, thanks Brandi. We’re taking turns spending time with them in their room each day to try to get them used to being around us before we let them explore the new home they have to share with us. The female, Jules (they had named her Julianna), is so dainty and clings to her big brother whenever anything scares her. They’re both just precious as you know with your own little cutie

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