Its time, it’s time!! Let the ‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ voting begin…..

But wait…There’s more!  At the end of this posting, you can find details on a new event for 2015 that kicks off with a fantastic giveaway  for the whole month of January from NuNaturals products.  Don’t vote and then leave without entering to win some fabulous free Stevia products.  

It’s a WORLD WIDE contest open to all for just a few clicks of the mouse.

2014 'Breakfast In Bed-Fest' on Canned-Time.comAll of the entries are in and it’s time now to decide the best of the best in the 

Canned Time Breakfast In Bed-Fest 2014 recipe competition.

 The winner gets a huge YEA!  and some cool stuff for their fine workmanship as well.  In 2015, I’ll be creating an e-book with all the recipes from the event and the recipe with the most votes this month will have the honor of being featured on the cover page of that book.  In addition, the winning blogger will choose which Animal Welfare Charity all the proceeds from the book will go to.  

Sound fun?  Let’s get to the votes then…….

I’ve created pictures from all the entries,  listing in order of their posting,  

showing all 12 recipes and the blogger who created them. 

Scroll through the pics and decide which one is your favorite.  You can vote for one recipe each day if you’d like.

And you can vote everyday of the contest.  

On January 31st, voting will end and the winning recipe will then be announced.

First up, back in January we saw Becky’s  “Mom and Baby Breakfast – Peach-Ginger Green Smoothie”Mom-and-Baby-Green-Smoothie-Recipe 1


In February, we had Julie’s “Berry Breakfast Parfait with Vanilla Cashew Yoghurt” 

‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ entry #2 from Julie at   “Berry Breakfast Parfait with Vanilla Cashew ‘Yoghurt’” Pinterest @julieslifestyle

In March, it was Gabby’s “Oatmeal Raisin Pancakes For One”

‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ entry #3 from Gabby @ The Veggie Nook "Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Pancakes" @

 Then in April, Brandi’s “Sweet Chocolate Crepes”

Brandi's Sweet Chocolate Crepes from "The Vegan 8" - 'Breakfast In Bed-Fest' entry # 4

In May, we added Kathy’s “Strawberry Spelt Biscuits”

Kathy Hester's 'Strawberry Spelt Biscuits' -'s "Breakfast In Bed-Fest" entry #5

Then in June, things heated up with Annie’s “Multi-Grain Pancake & Waffle Mix with 3 Variations”

picmonkey_image (1)

Half way through the year, Denise gave us “Double Mint Chocolate Muffins, Eggs and Bacon”

Denise’s “Double Mint Chocolate Muffins, Eggs & Bacon” – from Pink Vegan – Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #7


Then in August, things heated up with Nancy’s “Mexican Breakfast In Bed”

Nancy's 'Mexican Breakfast In Bed' from Spicie Foodie - Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #8

September was Kristy’s turn to show off with “Spiced Orange Cacao Nib Waffles with Fig Compote”


Cooling things off in October, Emily poured us a

“Breakfast Berry Smoothie with Cacao Drizzle and Chia Pudding”

Emily von Euw' Breakfast Berry Smoothie with Cacao Drizzle and Chia Pudding - 'Breakfast In Bed-Fest' entry #10

In November, Rika’s “Steamed Purple Potato and Chia Buns (Mantou)”  took the stage.

Vegan-Purple-Mantou from Vegan Miam - Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #11 on

And finally in December, Richa’s delectable “Strawberry Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls”  

ended up the breakfast feast.

Richa's Strawberry Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls from 'Vegan Richa' Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #12

So now it’s time to vote for your favorite.  

  Breakfast In Bed-Fest final Vote is on!  Visit to pick a favorite now through January 31st

You can vote as many times as you like but only once per day for the month of January.

Just click below to enter into the voting options.  

And don’t forget to come back and enter the NuNaturals giveaway.  

4 lucky winners from all over the globe will win!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now that you’ve voted….on to my 2015 event!  “Family Favorite Desserts – Veganized”

Just like the name implies, in 2015, I’ll feature 1 blogger each month and a dessert recipe that they’ve ‘Veganized” from of a family favorite dish.  Kicking off the event with a BANG. 

 NuNaturals  is going to give 4 of my readers a grand old prize!

NuNaturals Logo Helping 4 x 4

A World Wide Giveaway!

( 4 ) four readers will win:  one bottle of the Cherry Vanilla  Liquid,  a 50 pkt box of our NuStevia White Stevia Powder packets, PLUS a bottle of our NEW COCOA SYRUP, & a bottle of our NEW SIMPLE SYRUP. 

Each of the 4 winners will receive the complete product selection of all 4 items with the retail value of $ 55.00.



Also, anyone may use this code BLG0615 to receive a 15% discount

on NuNaturals products purchased from their website from now through June 30, 2015


a Rafflecopter giveaway

So go vote you all and then enter to win some crazy cool products from NuNaturals.  Contest ends January 31st at midnight.


I think that about covers it guys.  Check back in just a few weeks for the first entry in my 2015 event,

“Family Favorite Desserts – Veganized”

 'Family Favorite Desserts - Veganized"  A year long blogger competition on Canned Time

My first entry will be from Miss Cara Reed of “Forks and Beans” fame.  Can’t wait.


A special thanks for all the hard work and creativity from the Breakfast In Bed-Fest event.   

Can’t wait to see what will come this year!

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22 thoughts on “Its time, it’s time!! Let the ‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ voting begin…..

  1. Krista F

    As delicious as they all look, I chose “Breakfast Berry Smoothie with Cacao Drizzle and Chia Pudding.” I prefer to have smoothies each morning, and this one sounds delicious!

  2. Krista F

    I recently began transitioning to being vegan after coming to realize how abusive dairy cattle are treated. Prior to that I didn’t each much meat, but I was ignorant about how dairy cattle were treated. I should have looked into it before. I also am doing so for health reasons. I have some chronic health issues, and I hope being vegan will prevent me from developing more.

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  4. Laura Black

    I loved the Berry Breakfast Parfait. I am excited to make the cashew yogurt, and I absolutely love breakfast. My favorite meal of the day. In fact, all the entries look fantastic. The Chocolate Crepes….yum!!

  5. Jessica Eagle

    Wow !!! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway !!! Ohhh…and by the way, Happy New Year !!!

    Hard choice, because everything looks delicious !!! Yummm…!!! I think I’ll go with the Berry Parfait 🙂

  6. e.b.

    I voted for Kristy’s Spiced Orange Cacao Nib Waffles with Fig Compote because it sounded the most creative and delicious! Cacao nibs are a healthy alternative to mini vegan chocolate chips and I’ve never tried a fig compote – plus, who could beat a stack of pillowy waffles? I can’t remember the last time I made waffles haha so that will be next on my list for a laid-back brunch day!

  7. e.b.

    I was originally drawn to veganism about a year ago, when I was a vegetarian and stumbled across vegan recipe boards on Pinterest. I saw how easy vegan cooking could be with substitutions, and the facts revealed regarding cruelty in the egg and dairy industries were appalling to me. The fact that baby male chicks are suffocated because they’re useless for egg-laying, among the everyday tragedies in these industries, was horrifying information I refused to overlook. After doing more research on vegan clothing and products, I transitioned fully to a vegan lifestyle and have found it easy to maintain for myself, despite pushback and needling questions from family and friends.

      1. e.b.

        I completely agree – I don’t understand how people can stand by that kind of suffering and condone it. Happy New Year 🙂 let’s hope it brings more positivity and compassion for all!

  8. Barbara

    That’s a tough decision. I voted for Gabby’s Oatmeal Pancakes for One. They look delicious and are not to difficult to make. I think, the NuNaturals Syrup would be a great topping 🙂

  9. Barbara

    I’m only vegan since July. Before that I was a vegetarian, but I couldn’t stand it anymore how the male chicks are killed and that all the animals “live” under such horrible conditions just because people want to eat animal products. And I don’t see a reason to eat animal products. Today it’s so easy to be vegan.
    Especially with bloqs like yours.

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