Homemade Natural Face Bronzer

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Homemade Natural Face Bronzers - from Canned-Time.com


Last year I glanced at a Facebook update that suggested making a face powder from cinnamon and cocoa.  I gave it a try and it is ….well, not life changing, but money saving and simple.  In just a few minutes, with a couple items from your kitchen, you can mix up a perfect color for your face with no animal testing, no yucky additives, no fancy expensive containers.  Its great ♥

Homemade Natural Face Bronzers - from Canned-Time.com

Get yourself a clean container for storing your personalized bronzer mix.  I use a deep glass jar that seals tight for travel and allows me to shake off the extra powder inside the jar to minimize the mess.  Then start experimenting with your skin.  A little cinnamon, a little cocoa powder.  You can also add in some talc if you’d like but I’ve never bothered.  Test a spot or two on the top of your hand and add a little more cocoa for more tan, more cinnamon for a sun kissed look.

Homemade Natural Face Bronzers - from Canned-Time.com

When I get the color combination best for my face, I pour the spicy mix into my jar with a funnel.  Seal it up and your done!

Homemade Natural Face Bronzers - from Canned-Time.com

Be sure to use a great Cocoa like Ghirardelli and a respected Cinnamon like Penzey’s and you’ll still be saving tons compared to the drugstore, mystery filled powders.  This stuff is literally pennies per year!

Vegan MoFo 2013

I forgot…there is one problem with this stuff.

 You’ll smell brownies when you first put it on and it can make you a little hungrier getting put together each day.

Be kind.


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7 thoughts on “Homemade Natural Face Bronzer

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Sorry, but give a girl a break…I’ve already posted more this month than in August, arrrrhhhhh. This MoFo is exhausting with a full time job and 4:30 alarms! I’ll be making the wraps next week most likely. Stirring up some fire red bean chili right now though, does that count?

  1. narf77

    Just a thought…what about trying this…
    After it was made you could use a bit in a lot of your regular recipes and you would have effortless red and a bit of an easier time of it? I wouldn’t be able to blog for an entire month of anything let alone a specific genre of food, might be good to fall back on some cakes and cookies using the miracle red powder…I know I would! 😉

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      I’ve made beet cookies before in the dehydrator and they were awesome. I tried grinding my dehydrated beets once though and they didn’t grind up. Think they might not have been completely dry though. Thanks for the link!

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