Homemade Brown Sugar – 2 ingredients – 5 minutes

Homemade Brown Sugar - 2 ingredients - 5 minutes = from Canned-time.com
I don’t use a lot of Brown Sugar and I’ve always had trouble keeping it from getting rock hard.
So this homemade version will really work out nicely for me.
I can make it up fresh for a recipe even!
Ready for the big recipe?  It’s a tough one……..

1 cup of Sugar mixed with 1 Tbs. of Molasses.

Homemade Brown Sugar - 2 ingredients - 5 minutes = from Canned-time.com

Homemade Brown Sugar - 2 ingredients - 5 minutes = from Canned-time.com

Once you’ve poured in your Molasses just stir the sugar with a fork (or your hands to speed things up) until the molasses has blended into the sugar and the texture begins to resemble the brown sugar you’ve always used.  With one big exception:  this sugar will be light and fluffy and moist – not a big hard block that is hard to measure and even more difficult to eat!


If you’d like an even stronger taste, darker brown sugar, add in a little more molasses.  If you’re not used to making brown sugar at home I would suggest you wait until you’ve made the first batch before adding in more molasses though so you don’t make it up too strong and then ruin your batch.

The brown sugar will store just like store bought in a tight container.  I usually make up twice as much as what I may need for a recipe and then store the rest.  It’s so easy to make up, I don’t want too much stored so that it doesn’t get old before I need it.  It really spoils you having it fresh and moist for your recipes.

A glass Mason Jar will work perfectly
for storing the Brown Sugar and keep it from drying out.
I think this would be a fun project with kids helping.  I used the fork to stir at first but then got in there with my hands and it mixed the molasses in much more quickly.  Little fingers would love that!
Homemade Brown Sugar - 2 ingredients - 5 minutes = from Canned-time.com

Homemade Brown Sugar……Give it a try!

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8 thoughts on “Homemade Brown Sugar – 2 ingredients – 5 minutes

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  2. Nancy/SpicieFoodie

    Wow, is this how commercial ones are made two? Since it is not an ingredient used by many locals (I live in Central Europe), brown sugar can be quite expensive. Thanks so much for sharing this. Can’t wait to give it a try.:)

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      The molasses is probably more expensive here and you just use a tiny bit. You’ll love how fluffy and fresh it is too.
      If you get bored mixing with a fork, just dig in with your fingers to blend it like I did. It would probably work in a food processor too but forks and fingers work in a matter of minutes.

  3. narf77

    Cheers for this Angela. No idea where I am going to find molasses but I am going to stockpile some as I am 50km away from the city and its always great to find easy subs for common baking ingredients that I occasionally run out of 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Good luck to you Fran. I’m thinking that Maple Syrup might work as well, it would just be lighter color? I’m really surprised at the number of people who’ve said that they can’t get Molasses. It’s like butter here in the States. It keeps forever in the fridge though and since it only takes 1 Tbs. for a cup of Brown Sugar, maybe you should bulk up if you find it. Missed your post this morning. Don’t you usually treat us on Saturday’s?

      1. narf77

        My daughters have a small jar of molasses in their cupboard so we must be able to buy it someplace around here and it is an Aussie producer so there is hope. I don’t think I would sub maple syrup because unlike over there in the States, you need an arm, a leg AND an eye to pay for it here. Maple syrup is a real luxury for we Aussies and starts at about $12 a small bottle so I think I will hunt a bit harder for that molasses, plus there are more nutrients in the molasses and the taste would be more authentic :). I posted recently about how I wasn’t going to be posting on Saturdays anymore and I will be posting on Monday’s as part of the “Not Dabbling in Normal” blog, where lots of strange people get together and post about their random lives :).

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