Homegrown Green Onions

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I saw a picture on Pinterest last week of someone who was growing green onions continuously at home in a glass of water.

I had to find out if this could be done.  I can’t stand having to run to the store for a half an onion for some recipe when I’m out.

Which is usual.  I don’t keep onions around or in the fridge for some reason.  Seems I’m always buying 1 for a recipe and then it’s gone.

So last week I bought a nice healthy bunch of organic green onions to try this thing out……..guess what?  It works fabulously.  All you do is cut off the green that you need for your recipe and stick the rest back in the water………It seems like a simple thing but having an endless supply of freshly growing green onion on the window sill is really cool.

This picture below shows the onions that I cut completely off after just one day’s growth:

I cut all of them off on Sunday to use in a soup, then dropped the root part back in

fresh water to grow.

Today, I day later, they’ve grown this much already.  You just need to leave enough water in the bottom for the roots to be covered.  I’ve also been changing out the water each day to make sure it’s clean and the jar sits in a window.  That’s it.  Pretty cool.

Any homegrown veggie tricks you all have to share?

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