Himalayan “Red Pepper” Salt

Himalayan 'Red Pepper' Veggie Salt - From Canned-Time.com

So simple, quick and inexpensive.  Homemade Vegetable Sea Salts can add ‘zip’ and nutrition to your meals.

Bowl of Red Peppers - Canned-Time.com

With about 10 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes of drying in the oven, almost any vegetable can be dehydrated and ground up to add to your favorite salt to enhance the nutrition, add a burst of flavor and plus:  they just look pretty sprinkled on foods.

My latest variety is a dehydrated Red Bell Pepper, ground and mixed at a 50 X 50 ratio with some Himalayan Sea Salt.

If you’re worried about your salt intake, this is a great way to stretch your salt use while adding in the flavors and nutrients found in which ever veggies you dry out and grind up with your salts.  Store them just like any other seasoning in a dry sealed container for months and months of uses.

Other ideas I have on my list to try are Lemon Pepper, Orange Peel Pepper, Basil Sea Salt, Broccoli Salt….you get the idea.

These homemade goodies can make a great, inexpensive gift for friends, family or someone you may not know what to give.

Find a cool container     (this small jar was just a dollar!)     and fill it up ♥

Himalayan 'Red Bell Pepper' Veggie Salt - From Canned-Time.com

Any time you have some vegetables past their prime you can dry them out….grind them up in a coffee grinder and mix them into salt.

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9 thoughts on “Himalayan “Red Pepper” Salt

  1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

    It is a great gift cause most people use seasonings and you don’t have to match their tastes perfectly. Plus it’s impersonal if you need a business gift. Anyway.
    I eat those little peppers for snacks, and I’m totally addicted to Red Bell Peppers right now.
    If you do spicy, you’ll love the Cashew cheese I just mixed up. It has onion and garlic flavors, plus black sesames and tiny diced “Satan’s Kiss” Chili Peppers all through it 😉
    My first Vegan cheeze and I think that the Agar worked out just right…hopefully. So glad your blog is back up and running. Have a good one 😉

  2. narf77

    I had SO many plans for my jalapenos this year and after a bit fanfare and a quick nibble I deflated like a balloon after the Macy Day parade 🙁 Turns out my jalapenos (that took FOREVER to ripen mind you) taste just like sweet red peppers! Don’t know what I did wrong but I certainly can’t use them for this gorgeous salty treat…I will just have to use some pepper flakes instead 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      We grew some a few years ago that were just the opposite – liquid fire, and we love spicy foods.
      I made 8 oz. of the Jalapeno Salt with just half of a pepper so you’d be hard pressed to use your up for this either way though. Maybe try some of those tomatoes you’ve grown? Any veggie I think will work well.
      I used a dehydrator for mine and it took about 24 hours on 100 degrees.

  3. Somer

    Those salts are SO pretty Angela! I’m in love! Can’t wait to knock some out as Christmas gifts, maybe with a little smoke powder added in.

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