Fresh Fruit Fast is on!


Summer Fruits & Veggies make a perfect way to trim some Winter fat - now on Canned-Time.comSo, we’re off to Alaska in August and I have just a few winter comfort meals left on my hips right now.  I’ve started a fresh fruit and vegetable fast of sorts in the past weeks to get myself into tip top shape for our trip at the end of the summer.  This winter’s sub-zero temperatures were anything but comfortable working outside.  And now I’m paying the price of warming my belly with hot baked goods to keep out the cold.  

I’ve already dropped 20 but I’d love to fit into some summer favorites for the trip.  Another 15 to go I’m afraid.  

My ‘Raw Foods’ mentors:  Gena, Julie and Kristina have all got me convinced that fresh foods are the way to go for maximum nutrition while dropping this extra weight.  I’ve always known the fresh, local produce tastes the best.  But for now, it’s helping to trim down the fat as well as giving me full flavored meals.  

I try not to eat much after 2pm.  A salad or bowl of soup is enough to fill me up before bed.  And all the fiber from fresh fruits and veggies is actually making me feel more full than before my plunge into “raw-dom”  I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to continue these habits in August when I’m scrambling to see every square inch of the Alaskan terrain while still eating a plant based diet.  Fresh fruits and vegetables tend to make processed foods seem quite dull and unsatisfying, to me anyway.  But I may just have a big bag of nut, date and seed bars to get me through my long days of summer in Alaska.  For now, it’s detoxifying fruits and lightly seasoned veggies till I can fit comfortably in my best pair of walking shorts and  my favorite Vegan T’s.   

Summer Fruits & Veggies make a perfect way to trim some Winter fat - now on

 All the fresh berries I can handle.Summer Fruits & Veggies make a perfect way to trim some Winter fat - now on

Lemon water in the mornings.  Oranges.  Fresh squeezed juices.

Summer Fruits & Veggies make a perfect way to trim some Winter fat - now on

And of course, fresh, raw veggies and soups along the way.

Summer Fruits & Veggies make a perfect way to trim some Winter fat - now on

I haven’t abandoned my love of baking completely right now though.  I do have a husband who manages to stay the same weight and eat wickedly full meals.  So I have cooked up some lovely desserts for him at least in my raw days of summer.

A new venture for me comes up the end of this week with Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble.  Hot, crunchy, saucy goodness.  

Can’t wait to share that recipe with you. 

Summer Fruits & Veggies make a perfect way to trim some Winter fat - now on

 And then there’s my ‘Pit’ pie.  No, I didn’t make it out of fruit pits.  But it does have a surprise inside.  

You’ll have to wait a week or two for that one to post.

Summer Fruits & Veggies make a perfect way to trim some Winter fat - now on

Plus the next Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry will post next Monday so be sure to stop by for that one.

Plus a very cool new feature on the blog as I’ll be teaming up with Poppy and Annie.   Its a weekly post for you all to share in and help us spread the word about nutrition, great tastes and cruelty free living.  That’s coming up in July (I hope)…

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 Its fruit mania.  What better way to shake off the cold chill of our extended winter here in D. C. ?  

Any fruit fads going on in your world these days?  Trying to shed some winter pounds?


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8 thoughts on “Fresh Fruit Fast is on!

  1. The Vegan 8

    That’s so great you are eating so much raw food Angela! I can’t believe you don’t eat much after 2pm, in actually the most hungry later in the day, with the exception of first waking up in the mornings, I’m starving in the mornings! Sounds like you will be ready for summer in no time though! Now, if I could only stop making desserts haha 🙂 Good thing I give most away!

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Thanks Brandi. I start off for work around 4:30 so the bulk of my eating is done early, then I’m full by dinner so that helps. I like eating my desserts for lunch sometimes so I trick myself into thinking I have time to work it off. I love Vegan healthy desserts so much cause you can really get away with so much more with all the healthy ingredients – especially in your’s ♥

  2. narf77

    Even though winter has just begun here I can fully appreciate the fruit fast and wanting to pare off the layers as I have just put on 10kg and that is a warning bell to me…time to peel off those fatty layers STAT so eating raw and simple cooked vegan is my way to go. I am with you on light soups and not much after 3pm (for me) now so lets see how we go. You will be in your walking shorts in no time and I will be…err…able to fit through the door for spring! Great goals 😉

      1. narf77

        My latest was just enormous quantities of homegrown pumpkin (cheers bush rats!) that I had to harvest all at once and use up as it won’t store because it was harvested early (catch 22 anyone?) with onions, celery and some interesting carrot middles that had the outer part removed when I was creating carrot noodles. Waste not want not…LOTS of garlic, ginger and a whack of good veggie stock powder and I had my tea, for about 3 weeks! 😉

          1. narf77

            I raise my (smoothie) glass to you ma’am! Heres to middle aged skinny hips and shorts that need elastic to hold them up (and expand a bit for when that delicious holiday food calls 😉 )

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