Friday Food Blogger Favorites

This week’s Food Blogger Favorites:

First off this week is a wonderfully healthy Snickerdoodle recipe from Gutsy:

Gutsy has some great information on coconut, a wonderful list of food blogs and even some ‘How to’  ideas.

Great site, be sure and check out the cookies and all the rest.

Next, another new discovery I made on Pinterest:  Chocolate Moosey

Her Vegan Peach Curd is was took me to the site, but there is so much more to explore once you’re there.  Check it out!

And lastly this week, ADDICTED to VEGGIES has a fantastic cookie idea made with a healthy dose of coconut products, Coconut-Lemon Meltaways

The big recipe contest begins tomorrow:  if you have a favorite blog posting from your site and want to use that as your recipe, just send me the link.  If you just have a recipe and a pic, that’s fine too.  Email either to me to post for the contest.

Have a safe weekend everyone!  And Email your Healthy Fun Food Recipe contest entries to me so I can get the pics and recipes posted.  Contest starts tomorrow.

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