Food Bloggers Against Hunger – The Vegan “Value Meal”

Chipotle Black Bean Burger - Vegan 'Value Meal' - from

 Mc Donald’s Quarter Pounder has 750 Calories, 380 of those from fat, 19 grams saturated.

Add a large fry and that’s another 500 calories and another 25 grams of fat…..convenience and low cost meals have a high price to pay for families on a budget.

 My Vegan ‘Value Meal’ was ready in 15 minutes and came in at just under $4 in ingredients.

It’s spicy Chipotle and corn flavors make a burger better than any fast food I’ve tasted and provide great fiber and nutrients without a lot of clean up.  

Chipotle Black Bean Burger - Vegan 'Value Meal' - from Canned-time.comWith just 3 grams of fat, no saturated, and 5 grams of fiber per burger, it’s a healthy alternative.

They taste just as luscious, messy and juicy as it’s fast food rivals.  Fried up in the same pan that I did the potatoes in, it took just 5 minutes to cook through.

The 2 store-bought Black Bean Burgers came 4 to a pack for $2 and will keep in the freezer for months.


The fries came from a huge 5 lbs bag that I got from Sam’s Club for just $3.99.  I used a little olive oil drizzled over the fries and sprinkled them with a 

Chipotle Black Bean Burger - Vegan 'Value Meal' - from Canned-time.comhomemade onion pepper that really catapulted the flavor of boring old fries without adding fat.  There are also plenty of black bean burger recipes that can be made up in advance and frozen into patties for a quick healthy meal.  A few of my favorite recipes can be found at these links:

The quick healthy inexpensive options to fast food meals are endless once you start gathering the basic ingredients for your kitchen.  You’ll adapt recipes to suit your own tastes, come up with even better options that suit your own budget and schedule.  The only advantage the fast food restaurant has for anyone is speed.  When you become familiar with healthier options and keep those ingredients handy and in bulk, you can eliminate the need to ‘have it their way’.

Chipotle Black Bean Burger - Vegan 'Value Meal' - from

This post is part of the ‘Food Bloggers Against Hunger” event sponsored

   The Giving Table.

Food Bloggers Against Hunger -


For more information on how you can help, or be helped, please check out the site and the film that inspired this event:  ‘A Place at the Table’

Stuffed and Starved

Hunger isn’t just about money.  It’s about knowledge of what to buy and how to make it taste great.  Eating healthier foods can actually stretch your food budget by putting more nutrition in your body instead of just calories.   Find out how you can help others in your own town by educating how the foods we eat affect everything else in our quality of life.  Knowledge is power.  

Help spread the word.

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13 thoughts on “Food Bloggers Against Hunger – The Vegan “Value Meal”

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      It can and I’m a super-dooper penny pincher in the kitchen still. I had this burger again last night, without all the condiments and it was still great.
      I need to try making them from scratch but when you can get 4 for $2 and they’re full of all the stuff I’d put in, why not get store bought? Thanks!

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    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Isn’t it? Its so nice to give back. I just wish more lower income people had the know-how to pick a healthier diet and at least feel better physically with all their life’s troubles.
      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Thanks so much Sara! We’re a growing bunch. Hopefully soon there will be more options at groceries for Vegan lifestyles to bring the prices down. Right now it usually pretty high priced unless you make your own stuff.
      Thanks for your comment. Love to see you back 🙂

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