Fennel Frond Gluten Free Breadsticks and “A Writing Process Blog Tour”

 Canned-Time.com 'A Writing Process Blog Tour' featuring @VeganMiam @SelahVictor & @GlueandGlitter

This beauty is my web friend, Rika.  Isn’t she just an Asian goddess?  

Rika - "A Writing Process Blog Tour"

Rika asked me to join the bandwagon and write-up a post for the ‘A Writing Process Blog Tour’ that’s going around these days.  Thank you Rika.  You’re a very special lady and some day, if we ever get to meet in person, I’m gonna give you the biggest hug for having such a big heart.  

Here’s a little more about my special web friend Rika:

Rika is the recipe developer, food blogger and part-time photographer behind vegan miam. She runs a vegan food and travel blog with her photographer and partner Doni. Rika + Doni are based in Oregon, but living elsewhere as often as possible. The term “miam” is just a way of saying ‘yummy’ in French and represents their desire to discover decadent vegan cuisine and recipes around the world together. Follow vegan miam on BloglovinFacebookInstagramPinterestTumblr and Twitter

Rika really only got interested in vegan cooking in the last 2 or so years and it was the travel that propelled her to cook more. In late 2011, she initially started her blog to share their experiences as vegan travelers but quickly found that their experiences abroad motivated them to craft dishes inspired by their travels. “There is nothing more rewarding than bringing food back, both figuratively and literally, from their travels.” While traveling, Rika and Doni love to craft local dishes using locally sourced ingredients but they also enjoy bringing concepts and dishes back from their travels to veganize at home. She wants her readers and everyone to get to know the variety of flavors that the world has to offer, along with how they can bring those flavors into their own kitchens.

Born on a little island (part Taiwanese), raised in Pittsburgh and educated in Oregon, Rika works at a private design agency specializing in marketing and web design & development. She also has designed for several vegan businesses, yoga retreats, and other Clients around the world. Rika enjoys photographing animals and feral cats & dogs from around the world to create awareness.

 Thank you Rika for asking me to write up a few answers for this event.  No one writes as lovely as you, but I’ll try to share a little about my process as blogger. ♥

Fennel Frond Gluten Free Breadsticks and "A Writing Process Blog Tour"

In the blog tour, we answer some basic questions about our own style, and then highlight a few of our favorite fellow bloggers.  

In turn, they will post their own write-up.  And so on, and so on.   So, here goes.

 What am I working on?

This week, I seem to be up to my eyeballs in reviews and giveaways.  I have a special Guest posting for you coming up on July 11th from Jonny Fresh.  I’ll let you know how things go on Tuesday at the premier for Gena Hamshaw’s new book, ‘Choosing Raw’ over at Jrink Juicery

Jrink Juicery in Washington D C

in D. C., that should be very cool!   I have several product review I’ll be sharing before I leave for my Alaska trip in August…oh yea, I”M GOING TO ALASKA for a 2 weeks!

Sorry, and um, Cara Reed’s new book is coming out in July.  I’ll have a full review on that baby.  NuNaturals has a chocolate stevia syrup that’s in my pantry waiting to become something(s) yummy!  And first off, Annie, Poppy and I are starting a weekly routine posting called ‘Virtual Vegan ‘Linky’ Potluck.  That starts on July 2nd and every Wednesday there after.  You’ll be able to share your own dishes and recipes on each of our blogs in a link up fest.  That should be very cool!

 I think that’s enough for a few months eh?


 How does my work differ from others of its  Genre?

 Blogs, food blogs in particular, are a dime a dozen these days.  Literally thousands are created each day.  I’m not sure that mine stands out at all.  It’s just mine and I like to keep it going.  It keeps me grounded most days when my job, my city, my government all fail miserably to do so.  It makes me happy and that’s all that matters really.  How does it differ from others?  It doesn’t probably.  Most bloggers are trying to get to something that’s missing in the real world.  We’ve just found a cool way of escaping for a few hours each week.

Canned-Time.com 'A Writing Process Blog Tour' featuring @VeganMiam @SelahVictor & @GlueandGlitter

Why do I write what I do?

  I write because changing to a plant-based diet changed my health.  It’s changed my life.  I’d like to help as many as will listen about that.

How does your writing process work?

I always start with the food idea, then cook and edit the recipe, photograph, edit and finally write. Writing up a post is always the most difficult part for me and sometimes I have drafts sit for months, simply because I can’t get the words to go along with the food. Sometimes recipes come from simply needing to use up a certain ingredient in my fridge.  Sometimes they come from wanting to highlight a certain health issue.  The process always has eating what I make as its first priority so it better taste good.  To be blatantly honest, I’d write solely on Animal Rights issues if anyone would read that.  But, they like cookies and cakes better.  So best to reel them in with sweets and then try to get them to consider just how merciless and brutal  life is for so many of the world’s animals after.  

That’s the only recipe that really matters.

 Fennel Frond Gluten Free Breadsticks and "A Writing Process Blog Tour"

 Another beauty for you.  This one is my web friend Selah.  What a beautiful name even right?

Selah - "A Writing Process Blog Tour"

Selah found me last year through a common love of NuNaturals products I think?  And we’ve been ‘liking’ and pinning to each other ever since.  She’s got more energy than 3 people need and an enthusiasm for her work, her life and her family that really is as captivating as her outward beauty.  

 Here’s a little more about my web friend Selah:

Selah Victor is a writer, actress, personal trainer, and nutritionist living in Los Angeles, CA.  As a writer, Selah has a blog and fitness show called “C’est la Vie with Selah V!”, where she helps people to meet their fitness and nutrition goals through her free workout videos and recipes.  Her blog also focuses on maintaining balance and positive mindset within the world of fitness, revealing the struggles that even fitness professionals have!  Selah also writes for television and film and currently has several comedy series on the web, which can be seen at www.selahvictor.com. Her essays about health and wellness have also been featured on www.mimosalotus.com.  Find her blog and more at www.selahvfitness.com and follow her on Twitter at @selahvfitness and @selah_v.  

Thanks Selah! 


Fennel Frond Gluten Free Breadsticks and "A Writing Process Blog Tour"


 Ah Ha!!  You thought that I’d forgotten to tell you about my 3rd web friend beauty, didn’t you?

Not at all.  This is Becky.

Becky - "A Writing Process Blog Tour"

Photo credit Bonnie J Heath

Becky Striepe is the Mom I’ll never have the chance to be in this life.  She has more love in her tiniest cell for her son, Darrol Henry, than any mother ever lived.  We all get the pleasure of listening in occasionally to the fun adventure and growth in her home as she guides him through life each day.  Raising a child with a Vegan mindset is special in it’s own rite.  Becky takes it a step further in maticulously, lovingly providing Darrol Henry with a stable, secure home to grow in.  He’ll be a better person when he has to get out there on his own some day because of each and every minute she’s spending with him now.  Even the trying times.  And for that, Becky deserves all of our thanks and admiration.  

Here’s a little more about what Becky does when ever Darrol takes his naps:

Becky Striepe (pronounced “stree-pee,” like “sleepy”), is a crafts and food writer from Atlanta, Georgia with a passion for making our planet a healthier, happier, and more compassionate place to live. Check out her ebook 40 Days of Green Smoothies and her upcoming book BOWLS! due out this fall.

Her mission is to make vegan food and crafts accessible to everyone, even if you’re just looking to dip a toe in. She believes that vegan food can be easy, delicious, and inexpensive to prepare, and in treating yourself to a fancy cocktail after a busy week.

You can find Becky on PinterestTwitter, and Facebook. She shares  vegan recipes and tutorials on her  site, and also contributes articles at Chic VeganCrafting a Green WorldEat Drink BetterCare2InhabitotsFeelgood Style, and Dollar Store Crafts

 Fennel Frond Gluten Free Breadsticks and "A Writing Process Blog Tour"

Thanks for being my web friends ladies.  And thanks to my readers for reading.  

Here’s what I’ll be reading this weekend…..

Fennel Frond Gluten Free Breadsticks and "A Writing Process Blog Tour"

Have a great week all!!

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12 thoughts on “Fennel Frond Gluten Free Breadsticks and “A Writing Process Blog Tour”

  1. The Vegan 8

    What a beautiful post Angela! I loved reading your answers and seeing the beautiful ladies you highlighted. Rika is a goddess, isn’t she?!?! I just love her and I just love you too. Both of you ladies I feel close to in the blogging community, you both are so genuine and kind hearted and seem to genuinely care. Not all bloggers give off that vibe. Thanks for being you!!

  2. An Unrefined Vegan

    Gorgeous ladies one and all! I have to say, I respect you even more for sharing this: “I’m not sure that [my blog] stands out at all. It’s just mine and I like to keep it going.” It’s exactly how I feel about my blog – I do it for something inside of me.

  3. The Vegan 8

    Back for another comment….I tried to leave a comment on your “Chocolate Chunk Gluten-free Blondies” but there was no space to leave a comment. Anyways, I made them today and they are SO delicious! I took pics and will be tagging you and sharing on Instagram this week, probably Wednesday. I followed your recipe almost exactly, except for gluten-free flour, I didn’t use corn flour, but used oat flour. I don’t have corn flour and the oat flour worked perfectly. I eliminated the stevia and just added 2 extra tablespoons of sugar, which gave perfect sweetness. Lastly I used roasted creamy almond butter instead of oil. I absolutely loved them and so did Olivia! I put them in the fridge to firm up a bit, because mine were tender and that did the trick. SO delicious. Thanks for the recipe Angela!! I’m sitting here eating one as I type this 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Wow, wish I was eating one. The problem with food blogging is I just don’t make a recipe twice and I remember those were fantastic.
      I would have probably used oat flour if I’d had it anyway. I was most likely just trying to use up the corn flour and make it gluten free. That’s what I love about oat flour is being able to grind if fresh and not worry about using it up. So glad you all liked them and can’t wait to see the pics!

  4. rika@vm

    Thank you, Angela for your kindest words and love! <3 <3 I can't wait to read all about your trip in Alaska this coming August and I've to watch Northern Exposure again….

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