February ’14

Canned-Time.com #February #Snow #Dawn #WashingtonDC

One uniquely quiet winter moment in the city.  

Less than a mile from Reagan National Airport, I could even hear the cold wake of the river knocking up against the shore in the chill of the morning.  

Ducks on the Potomac at dawn near Old Town Alexandria.

Canned-Time.com #February #Snow #Dawn #WashingtonDC

 Old Town, looking towards the Masonic Temple.  Christmas lights still hanging on the trees, pre-rush hour.

Canned-Time.com #February #Snow #Dawn #WashingtonDC

In mid-February this year, the Washington area had a string of days that hovered right at or just above zero outside.

I didn’t work the day it only got up to 2 degrees with a windchill of 18 below O.  I did stay home under the covers and discovered sometime around noon just how little insulation that there was around our stairway windows.  The ice was frozen to the curtain coming through the outside.  I pulled the curtain free from the ice build up to see this lovely row of frozen window frame.  

Canned-Time.com #February #Snow #Dawn #WashingtonDC

Can’t really explain to a cat why they can’t go outside to see the birdies today.  The snow against the door was higher than Mr. Floyde’s little mind could comprehend……..

Canned-Time.com #February #Snow #Dawn #WashingtonDC

No weather conditions really stop the traffic in D. C. but it can slow them down some when it’s this chilly out.

A view from Union Station in the heart of the city. 

Canned-Time.com #February #Snow #Dawn #WashingtonDC

 A hillside at Arlington National Cemetery.

Canned-Time.com #February #Snow #Dawn #WashingtonDC

 Cattails in the snow.  Some things look so much better with that beautiful fresh white dusting on them!

Canned-Time.com #February #Snow #Dawn #WashingtonDC

Canned-Time.com #February #Snow #Dawn #WashingtonDC 

Even the birds on the Bay are counting down the days to spring I think.

Canned-Time.com #February #Snow #Dawn #WashingtonDC

Canned-Time.com #February #Snow #Dawn #WashingtonDC

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11 thoughts on “February ’14

  1. Dr. D

    Who would have guessed a beautiful daughter would turn out to be such a beautifully sensitive potographer as well. I envy those cold, quite, but memorable winter mornings you witness … but truely appreciate sharing them with us.

  2. narf77

    Oh I LOVE this post! What an absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous place you live in Angela 🙂 Incedentally… Mr Floyd isn’t looking at how high that snow drift is…Mr Floyd is looking at that door knob and willing you to “Open the bloody door!” ;).

      1. narf77

        That is really sad about the locked doors etc. We are so lucky here where it is relatively safe and we forget that it isn’t always like that everywhere else. At least neither of us live in Africa…now THAT is fortification! Have a great weekend Angela 🙂

  3. veganmiam.com

    Wow, Angela, I love the beautiful sunrise photos you took, including Mr. Floyd – he’s lookin’ good! I like going out in early mornings and capturing sunrises – I find them very calming and beautiful than sunsets. The photo of these cattails is so pretty! All of your photos of DC are lovely…It’s been a long time since I was in DC, I was only in grade school at that time…seems so long ago! I can’t wait for the Spring… it was freezing in Portland – about low 30s! I will enjoy the sunshine in Peru for you 🙂 wishing you lots of warmth and sunshine! 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      You’re so sweet Rika ♥ We’re expecting up to 12 more inches Monday so enjoy all you can for me there…..I will definitely need the offset, brrrrrr!
      The morning sunrises are probably the best part of working outside in the early morning. The world is just different for those few hours prior to all the chaos starting up again! Thanks for your comments 😉

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