Emily’s Breakfast Berry Smoothie with Cacao Drizzle and Chia Pudding – ‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ entry #10

 Emily von Euw' Breakfast Berry Smoothie with Cacao Drizzle and Chia Pudding -  'Breakfast In Bed-Fest' entry #10


My ‘Breakfast In Bed-Festival’ this year is really just a sneaky way of sharing my favorite Vegan bloggers best breakfast recipes with you all and having a bit of competitive fun all the while.  As I have said too many lots of times before, I leave out for work in the pre-pre-dawn hours, more like the middle of the night for some, I’m sure. I don’t get the luxury very often to enjoy a wonderfully fresh home made breakfast to enjoy in the comfort of my home.  So I’m hosting a little monthly highlight this year of the best of the best in healthy breakfast ideas for days when I am able to spend more time enjoying breakfast. I’ve asked 12 of the most creative, health conscious and economically minded  bloggers to each share 1 breakfast that highlights both their own website and their own ingenuity for eating healthily, kindly and creatively.  At year’s end, we’ll have a little vote on which month’s posting you all enjoyed the most and congratulate the winner with a few kind words and some prizes.  There’s a Pinterest board you can follow to see how the event unfolds each month with all the recipes and news about my Breakfast In Bed-Fest and it’s participants.  

2014 'Breakfast In Bed-Fest' on Canned-Time.com

This month, I’m welcoming Emily


This Rawsome Vegan Life

Her Breakfast Berry Smoothie with Cacao Drizzle and Chia Pudding

is Breakfast In Bed-Fest entry #10



Yo. This recipe is part of a Breakfast In Bed-Fest series hosted by Canned Time!

I am keeping it simple with a delicious fruit smoothie paired with raw chocolate sauce and chia seed pudding. This is not as big as my normal breakfast smoothies usually are but the chia seeds make you feel really full, so I was more than satisfied after drinking it up. Chia seeds are super sexy and super good for you; they help keep your hair and skin glowing, and your digestion system happily humming. The smoothie tastes more like a vegan milkshake than anything else, especially when you drizzle it with wholesome dark chocolate! This recipe is a winner. Try it out for breakfast or anything time of day!100 BEST JUICES, SMOOTHIES AND HEALTHY SNACKS from Emily Von Euw


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Emily von Euw' Breakfast Berry Smoothie with Cacao Drizzle and Chia Pudding - 'Breakfast In Bed-Fest' entry #10


Chia pudding:

1/4 cup walnut milk

1 tablespoon chia seeds


1 1/2 cups walnut milk

1 banana

1 cup frozen mango

1/4 cup strawberries

Cacao drizzle:

1 tablespoon cacao powder

1 teaspoon maple syrup

Water, if needed

To make the chia pudding: stir together the chia seeds and walnut milk, then let it sit for 10 minutes. The chia seeds will double in size and soak up the milk so it becomes like rice pudding!

To make the smoothie: blend everything until smooth. 

To make the cacao drizzle: stir together the ingredients until combined. If it’s not drizzly enough, add a tiny bit of water. Layer the pudding, smoothie and cacao drizzle as desired in a glass, then enjoy! I put the chia pudding in the bottom of the glass, drizzled the chocolate sauce inside the glass, then poured in the smoothie. 

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Thanks Emily!  

You can find Emily at This Rawsome Vegan Life and around the web at:  

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  1. narf77

    This looks perfect for our rapidly approaching summer. I can see myself out in the garden under a shady tree on one of our many rocks, eating this for breakfast. Lovely stuff Ms Angela. Cheers for the very tasty share 🙂

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