Dehydrator Cabbage Leaf Chips

Spicy Dehydrator Cabbage Leaf Chips - From

I know we’ve seen a million versions of Kale chips, and maybe even Cabbage too.  But this was a first for me in the dehydrator.

Spicy Dehydrator Cabbage Leaf Chips - From

These Cabbage Chips came out crispy, spicy and finger licking good.  Not to mention pennies per serving and about 10 calories?

Just about 20 hours in the dehydrator at 115 and you have a nutrition packed snack with all the healthy enzymes retained of raw foods.

Spicy Dehydrator Cabbage Leaf Chips - From

For these chips, I washed 7 or 8 large flat Cabbage leaves and dried them well.  Next I poured about 1/3 cup of  olive oil in a small bowl.

I mixed in 1 tsp. of Sea Salt and 1 tsp. of red pepper flakes in with the Olive Oil.  Then I massaged the oil onto each Cabbage leaf to completely  coat the leaf.  Spread them out on the trays and crank up the heat.

A crispy spicy chip to snack on with absolutely NO Guilt!

Better to make a bunch, you’ll want more………….

Click here to read more about the healthy benefits in Cabbage.

Spicy Dehydrator Cabbage Leaf Chips - From

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