Cold weather Bunnies ♥

Cold weather Bunnies update

Some of you may have heard me mentioning last week that we had record low temperatures here in D. C.  It was – 18 degrees with the wind chill at night and my thoughts as I lay in my 65 degree cozy bed, went out to all the wild life having to endure hour after hour of those cold temperatures.  Sure they might be able to adapt to weather changes like that, but I know it was just bone chilling for them.  Well, the good news came this morning around 4:30 when I was on my way out to my car for work.  Some of our funny bunnies I talked about last summer were out running around the parking lot same as always.  I’ve been seeing them lately in the mornings hip hopping around the  bushes.  I’m pleased to say they made it through the cold last week.  I know they’re ready for spring time and so am I.

Don’t forget, the first breakfast from the “Breakfast In Bed-Fest” contest will post Sunday morning.  A wonderfully fun recipe from my friend, Becky Striepe of ‘Glue and Glitter‘ fame.  

And if none of that interests you right now….just watch this video and smile for a while ♥


Have a great weekend everyone.


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7 thoughts on “Cold weather Bunnies ♥

  1. narf77

    You have the cold and we have the heat…LOTS of heat! I must say, when I signed up to move to the coldest state of Australia I didn’t think that would be coupled with record heatwaves…my old home town is mild and completely benign while here, we are sweating up a storm…go figure! 😉 Hope you aren’t too cold 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      So sorry you’ve had such a hot one this year Fran ;( I hope it is having a good effect on all those lovely veggies and not drying them out!! We’ve warmed back up to normal now but still have a month or so to go before the heat pump will get any kind of break. I’m sure that the dogs are complaining about the heat then too.

      1. narf77

        The dogs spend their days walking outside to bask upside down in the sun and then walking back in to flop on the cool wooden floor…a never ending stream of walking backwards and forwards ;). The veggies are doing great. I water them first thing in the morning and I have them growing in excellent soil but I really can’t wait till this heat buggers off. It has been a lot easier to bear this year thanks to my weight loss but I still don’t like it. I would love to officially hand it over to you Northerners and you will hear me cheering from here when autumn hits 😉


    WOW, DC is colder than here in Oregon, 18 degrees?! Dress warm! And what a pleasant morning seeing these bunnies; I remembered seeing them in my backyard back in Pittsburgh. I saw the video footages of the cat, too, it was a lovely bonding! Wishing you a fabulous Sunday, and thank you for your comments, I apologize for the delay, I’m back on track now! x Rika

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