“Christmas Rice” – Wild Rice with Spinach and Pomegranates

“Christmas Rice”  – Wild Rice with Spinach and Pomegranates

 I saw Somer’s post at Vedged Out about her Thanksgiving menu and her Dad’s Wild Rice, Cranberry and Pine Nut Stuffing and had to try something similar for my holiday menu.  The combination of  hearty Wild Rice and the tang of the Pomegranates really work here. Somer’s Dad used cranberries to add tang which I’m positive would work here although I might cut down the amount or slice them in half.  You want just a touch of the sweet in my mind anyway.  These Pomegranates are tart like the cranberries and don’t over power the rice and veggies at all.  You will not be tasting candy here in other words.                                                                                                                 Just a perfect blend of tart, sweet and tasty wild rice. If you’ve never used Pomegranates you’ll be surprised at how fresh and juicy they are…make sure you use them when they are very ripe…

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