Cara’s Quick Pickled Veggies


Cara's Quick Pickling Veggies - from

Cara of ‘Forks and Beans’ fame has a wonderfully quick pickling process that anyone can follow and preserve some of this summer’s fresh veggies.  It’s simple ingredients and flavors go perfectly with summer meals, picnics or just for plain snacking on hot days.

Thanks Cara.  Find Cara’s new book out this month HERE.  

Cara's Quick Pickling Veggies - from

 Cara's Quick Pickling Veggies - from

Cara's Quick Pickled Veggies
I'm not afraid of the 'Canning' process. I've done so many batches in the last 10 years it's a breeze. But I understand the hesitation and contamination concerns that those without experience may have when it comes to pickling fresh vegetables. Cara has a quick recipe that I used as my base here for extending the life of those summer veggies and adding a lot of zing in the process, without all the fuss of traditional canning methods. These will whip up in time for dinner, or keep them in the fridge for a week or two and they just get better and better. Thanks Cara!
  1. 3 - 4 cups of Fresh, washed veggies (beans, cauliflower, cucumber, carrots, etc.) chopped or sliced
  2. 3 cups filtered Water
  3. 1 cup Rice Vinegar
  4. 4 Tbs. Unrefined Sugar
  5. 2 tsp. Sea Salt
  6. 1 tsp. Garlic Powder or w cloves finely diced
  7. 1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes (more if you'd like)
  8. 2 tsp. Yellow Mustard Seed
  9. 1 tsp. Dried Dill
  10. 1/2 tsp. Onion Powder (optional)
  1. In a medium size sauce pan, bring water, sugar, vinegar and salt to a boil. Remove from heat and set aside to cool some.
  2. Fill jars with vegetables, combine the remaining spices and divide evenly between the jars.
  3. Pour the cooled pickling water over the veggies to cover completely. You may have some liquid left over. The first time I made this batch I had to make a second batch of liquid to fill the jars so I've increased the amounts some here.
  4. Seal the jars and let sit on the counter until completely cool to the touch. Refrigerate for up to 3 weeks.
  1. Makes about 1 1/2 Quarts or 3 Pint size jars.
Adapted from Forks and Beans
Adapted from Forks and Beans

Have a great weekend everyone. 

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5 thoughts on “Cara’s Quick Pickled Veggies

  1. narf77

    Yummo! Excellent quick pickles and something that you could do with pretty much anything. Cheers for sharing Ms Angela 🙂

  2. Annie

    Okay, so when are you coming out to OK to teach me how to can?! The quick variety gets me through, sure, but I’d love to have jars and jars in my pantry :-)!

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Hmmmmm. With all the prep for this trip next month I’m going through (why do they call it a vacation?) it will be a while for that trip. Drove through Oklahoma once before from St. Louis to Dallas……it was a long day! But I’d love to help if you ever get done with the book, and then there’s the VVP….. maybe in the winter?
      I taught myself pressure canning first so the water bath stuff seems simple. It’s mostly just becoming a spaz about not touching anything until the lids are screwed on that’s not sterilized, and that takes some practice. My husband did some spicy carrots a few years ago and I sat at the kitchen table and let him know (gently for sure 😉 each time he’d grabbed something or picked something up that had germs on it. He was actually pretty good about the whole episode but it really does come down to keeping things clean. I’m sure it would be great for all those gorgeous veggies Kel and you grow though. We’ll talk ♥

  3. The Vegan 8

    I have never canned and probably never would, I am too freaked out by doing something wrong! I have a major phobia about germs too, seriously, I probably need help, haha! Sure looks tasty though! I will totally be buying Cara’s book too, I think she is one of the most talented bloggers I’v ever come across, she is downright amazing!

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