‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ entry #2 from Julie @Julieslifestyle.com “Berry Breakfast Parfait with Vanilla Cashew ‘Yoghurt’

2014 'Breakfast In Bed-Fest' on Canned-Time.com

My ‘Breakfast In Bed-Festival’ this year is really just a sneaky way of sharing my favorite Vegan bloggers best breakfast recipes with you all and having a bit of competitive fun all the while.  As I have said too many lots of times before, I leave out for work in the pre-pre-dawn hours, more like the middle of the night for some, I’m sure. I don’t get the luxury very often to enjoy a wonderfully fresh home made breakfast to enjoy in the comfort of my home.  So I’m hosting a little monthly highlight this year of the best of the best in healthy breakfast ideas for days when I am able to spend more time enjoying breakfast. I’ve asked 12 of the most creative, health conscious and economically minded  bloggers to each share 1 breakfast that highlights both their own website and their own ingenuity for eating healthily, kindly and creatively.  At year’s end, we’ll have a little vote on which month’s posting you all enjoyed the most and congratulate the winner with a few kind words and some prizes.  There’s a Pinterest board you can follow to see how the event unfolds each month with all the recipes and news about my Breakfast In Bed-Fest and it’s participants.  

Today I’m welcoming Julie from Julie’s Lifestyle this month for the 2nd ‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ entry.

Berry Breakfast Parfait with Vanilla Cashew ‘Yoghurt’

Hi there, Canned Time readers! I am Julie from Julie’s Lifestyle, a Belgian raw food chef & coach trained at the Living Light Culinary Institute in California. Raw food helped me to conquer chronic fatigue and regain my energy and zest for life – and now I would love to share my favorite raw vegan recipes and healthy lifestyle tips with you. Thanks again Angela for inviting me to take part in this

Breakfast in Bed Festival! 

Before going raw, I used to feel really guilty about having something sweet for breakfast. I was always counting calories and restricting my portion sizes, just to make sure that I wouldn’t gain any weight.


Now and then I would indulge in a Danish pastry or a muffin for breakfast, all the while thinking about how many miles I would have to run in order to burn the extra calories. Raw food finally allowed me to make peace with food and escape the diet trap. 

Do you like to indulge in sweet treats for breakfast too? This Berry Breakfast Parfait with Vanilla Cashew ‘Yoghurt’ could definitely pass for dessert! I love combining it with a green smoothie and a cup of herbal tea. You could even add a few tablespoons of oatmeal – this will help you to sustain your energy levels throughout the morning. Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy this berry parfait!

Vanilla Cashew 'Yoghurt' Berry Breakfast Parfait
  1. Vanilla Cashew ‘Yoghurt’ (makes about 1 cup)
  2. 1 cup of cashews, ground into flour
  3. ½ cup of water (or more if you prefer a thinner texture)
  4. 2 ½ tablespoon of lemon juice
  5. 2 tablespoons of liquid sweetener (date paste, maple syrup, coconut nectar…)
  6. 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  7. ¼ teaspoon of vanilla powder
  8. 2 large pinches of Himalayan crystal salt or sea salt
  9. Berry Breakfast Parfait
  10. 2 cups of mixed berries, fresh or frozen
  11. 2 tablespoons of dried coconut
  12. 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds
  13. 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
  14. Lime or lemon zest, to taste
  1. Combine cashews, water, lemon juice, sweetener, vanilla extract, vanilla powder and salt in a blender (preferably a high-speed blender like Vitamix or Blendtec). Blend until smooth.
  2. Fill your bowl with berries of your choice. You can easily replace these with other types of fruit too, such as apple, pear, peach or banana.
  3. Add Vanilla Cashew ‘Yoghurt’ and finish with toppings of your choice. I love adding dried coconut, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and lime zest.
  4. This Vanilla Cashew ‘Yoghurt’ will stay fresh for at least 4 days in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

If you like this recipe, head over to [http://www.julieslifestyle.com] and sign up to the mailing list in order to receive your personal copy of my free raw recipe eBook “Julie’s Top 7 Fast, Easy & Delicious Raw Smoothies & Shakes”! You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Google+.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/rawfoodchefjulie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julieslifestyle

Twitter: https://twitter.com/julievdke

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/julieslifestyle/

Google+: http://google.com/+JulieVandenKerchove

 Be sure to watch Julie’s recipe video collection on YouTube. One of my favorites is just below and a wonderful Valentine’s Day idea as well:

So many great ideas!

Check back each month on Canned-Time.com for another entry in the ‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ contest.  

Thanks Julie

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12 thoughts on “‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ entry #2 from Julie @Julieslifestyle.com “Berry Breakfast Parfait with Vanilla Cashew ‘Yoghurt’

    1. Julie

      Thanks Annie! I prefer sweet breakfasts too 🙂 I’m a huge fan of large fruit meals, but once and a while I like to indulge in a little cashew cream too 😉 I hope you will enjoy it!

  1. narf77

    Yummy! I love homemade vegan yoghurt with a passion. I think I would culture my yoghurt with a little non-dairy kefir overnight just to get that signature tang but otherwise this looks like a most delicious breakfast for any discerning narf 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      You are the Kefir Queen, you need to teach us all how to make our own some day!
      I don’t think I’ve had yogurt since going vegan so I’m anxious to try out this cashew cream………if it would stop snowing so I could get to the store and buy some berries for on top it would help!
      Thanks Fran. Happy Valentine’s Day to you there ♥

      1. narf77

        Valentines day is now officially over. I hope you like this cashew cream version. I really enjoyed making coconut cream yoghurt with 2 cans of coconut cream, some pureed soft fruit (in my case over ripe pears and mangoes) and about a cup of my finished non-dairy kefir but you could also use rejuvelac and probiotic capsules if you wanted to get a very similar result. It sat overnight on the counter and by about lunchtime the next day it was lovely and slightly tangy and perfect for a yoghurt sub 🙂

        1. Julie

          Great suggestions Fran! I love adding probiotics to cashew or coconut cream to turn it into a true yoghurt. This non-cultured cashew yoghurt is just easier & quicker 🙂

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