August Ominum-Gatherum

This was one of the hottest month I’ve experienced and working outside many of those days really took a toll on my energy.

I tried to keep my healthy diet choices going with the help of wonderful summer fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets.

And in Antique Markets around 4 States, I found some wonderful new bargains for my collections.  Incrediable prices!

I love looking for special pieces that have such character and history.

And my favorite find from just yesterday in NY, an old Pestle.  Sorry that they didn’t have the Mortar to go with but it’s still very cool and useful to me.

On a whole other topic, I fell in love with ‘glitter’ nail polish.  Why I don’t know but it seems to be popular everywhere now, at least in drug stores.  I love it.

One thing I’ve found though is that it is very difficult to remove.  But still great!

My favorite simple recipe from this month was VERY simple:

Red Raspberry Vinairgrette!  So fresh and tangy on salads.  It’s a new favorite and mixes well with my previous favorite, Spicy Whole Grain Honey Mustard.

Both are wonderfully bright on salads and as a dip.  Both are very inexpensive and easy to make.

And my month ended with a wonderful weekend trip to

North Western New York.

The weather was warm but comfortable and we ate, and walked, and had a wonderful trip seeing the sites.  Very relaxing after my hot work month.

Finally, I’m so excited to be hosting a new

Healthy Fun Foods Recipe Contest next month.

So many of you have joined up to foll0w on Pinterest as well.

Details of the contest will be posted on Wednesday, contest will be for the full month of September and have both a Sweet and Savory category to win!  Prizes are being provided by Silpat and Nana’s Cookies…………..can’t wait to start posting the entries!!!!

Be sure to follow the Healthy Fun Food Group Board today so you’ll have all the latest info. on how to submit a contest entry in September.

Time to relax now…………

Enjoy other Canned Time Month in Review Ominum-Gatherum .

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