April 2013 Ominum-Gatherum

Pink Dogwood - April 2013 - Canned-Time.com

Whether you prefer Pink or White, they are the highlight of the mid Atlantic in April.  You can keep your Cherry Blossom Festival.

In my mind, the Dogwood Tree wins hands down for bringing in the Spring.

 Dogwood - April 2013 - Canned-Time.com

Luckily, I don’t have to choose between colors, they are both in view from my front door!

Dogwood - April 2013 - Canned-Time.com

Dogwood - April 2013 - Canned-Time.com

On to May……  The Virtual Vegan Potluck will make May proud on the 11th.

Check it out here: Virtual Vegan Potluck 

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13 thoughts on “April 2013 Ominum-Gatherum

  1. Mariah

    Oh I am so glad I wondered in here tonight… One thing I miss about living out East are the dogwood trees! I found an old path in the woods behind our house there were both sides were lined with them and there was an old stone fence nearby… I always imagined what sort of old homes were once out there.

    Do you mind if I use one or two of your pictures on my blog… I promise to keep your copyright on them and place a link back to your blog here in it. My blog is http://www.honestlymariah.com

    Oh, and I will be back… I love to can, I used to always get reserve champ ribbons in the county fair with my pickles, jams and jellies.

  2. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

    So glad you enjoyed the pics. I’d be happy if you shared them with a link back…pics are pretty useless if they’re not shared 😉 Hope to hear back from you again and I’m headed over to check out your site, thanks Mariah ♥

  3. An Unrefined Vegan

    I love dogwoods! A sure and welcome sign of coming warmth during those gloomy Ohio springs of my childhood! They don’t grow so well out here – we have to “settle” for rosebuds which grow wild in the woods. They’re the first trees to color and the purple haze among the gray branches is just beautiful.

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      I was just asking about Rosebuds the other day cause they popped up Everywhere a couple weeks ago. They’re my second favorite with that vibrant purplie pink color 🙂 They’d be gorgeous next to a white dogwood eh?
      Thanks Annie. I think it’s Ohio’s state tree too?

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Thanks! The pink one here was the first thing I planted in our yard and it’s grown up from a little 2″ baby 🙂 They’re all through the woods growing wild in the east and look so pretty against a dark green forest. (At least we have a few things prettier than Utah out here 😉

  4. narf77

    I am actually entering TVVP this year Angela! Already made my recipe and post and am eagerly awaiting the fun :). Those cornus are gorgeous as well. Did you know that most cornus have edible fruit? You can use them to make jams etc. I discovered that one of the nondescript small “trees” on the property was a cornus this year! We don’t get any fruit on ours because the birds polish them all off but if you have lots over there you might get some to try making some jam, chutney or other preserves :). Lovely post Angela, see you at TVVP 🙂

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      Oh I wish I had all that info that you do on plants in my head. My parents were always very plant oriented but not really for any good use than other than making the yard look nice. I’ve seen dogwoods my whole life and never noticed any fruit. I just read that birds really love them so maybe that’s why.
      Dogwoods are the ‘state’ tree in Virginia and North Carolina which border us and we’re not supposed to pick them actually so I’ll leave the fruit to the birds I guess.
      So happy you’re joining the VVP gang….

      1. narf77

        Can’t wait to see what everyone makes this year. My recipe is more of “look what you can make when you are a penniless student hippy who relies on plant based food and who has to make everything themselves”…I was exhausted after making it and taking all of the photos and initially having to make all of the vegan cheeze and other ingredients myself. It certainly takes it out of you doesn’t it! I tried to use as much of what we had grown and preserved here on the property as I could to show that you really can grow your own and save money. I used home dried tomato slices ground into a powder to add to my recipe and made a lovely uncheeze and some walnut pesto with our own home grown walnuts. I felt quite proud when I had finished that Steve actually tried it and loved it and wanted to eat the rest of it the next day (with home made oven wedges 🙂 ). A success methinks. I could care less if anyone votes for it, I just wanted to share the vegan love and to be in the same place as all of you amazing vegan bloggers! I feel like I am shmoozing on the red carpet at the oscars! 😉

        1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

          Sounds like a lot of work and a real winner Fran…last October was my first event and my first month as a ‘Vegan-ista’ so I was nervous too. I didn’t know there would be voting so it’s not a bother to me either. I was doing a dessert this time but I asked Annie to switch me since Everyone seemed to be doing one. Just a simple salad for me this time. Can’t wait to see what you got from all your work….hey, isn’t it the middle of the night there? Get some sleep!

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