Apple Cider Syrup

Canning Apple Cider Syrup on Punk Domestics

I found several recipes for this project on line.  Probably the best, but not the one I used today would be at Food In Jars so I’ll leave the canning process up to the post there for all the details but it’s not much more than reducing down the cider and then canning the syrup left over with the water bath method.

I used:
1 gallon of locally produced Apple Cider (unpreserved)
1 tsp. of cloves
1 tsp. of allspice
1 Tbs. of Cinnamon
dash of sea salt
and you know me………I added in 1 dried red Thai pepper into the pot.

Boil for up to 2 hours until the liquid is reduced by 1/2 or more until you get a concentrated liquid.
Strain and then pour into jars for canning. 
I got 1 quart and about a Pint and a half from my gallon.  When you want a hot cup of cider, you can open a can and add a few Tbs. to hot water and get a nice fresh cup of cider without getting a fresh gallon from the store.  The spiciness was great.  I can imagine it being perfect for a sore throat drink as well.  Great easy project that I would think could make a great gift for someone who’s feeling under the weather, or who just loves cider like I do.

If you’re not into cider, maybe some homemade apple sauce is more your style.  Here’s an older posting on that process:
It can be really delicious and your house will never smell better than while it’s all on the stove.                          YUM!!

After you make up a cup of this cider, be sure and check out a great canning reference book from Food In Jars

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