A. B. C. Smoothie Antioxidant Blast in a glass + my “virtual” friend Annie

Vitamin A + Beta Carotene + Vitamin C = My A. B. C. Smoothie “Antioxidant Blast in a glass”

A. B. C. SMOOTHIE an Antioxidant Blast in a glass. & my "virtual" friend Annie @anunrefinedvegan.

I first saw this drink on Pinterest so I’m not pretending to be so clever as to have created this magnificent tribute to antioxidants and vitamins, but here it is for you now:

2 Carrots (roasted or steamed) + 1 medium size Sweet Potato (cooked) + 1/3 of a fresh Pineapple + 1 inch of fresh Ginger

Chill + Blend + Drink = Power Surge!

This kind of easy, fantastically healthy and delicious recipe is a great example of small changes I’ve made to my diet in the past 4 years.  Before eliminating  all dairy, and then all animal products in my diet, it was really just ‘what can I eat so I can continue to go’ and ‘how can I stay as thin as possible’  Today things have changed dramatically for me and my diet.  Living a Vegan Plant based lifestyle is such a great confidence builder for me.  I think more kindly about the world and I treat my body more kindly.  I don’t crave Bacon.  I don’t crave fat filled creamy shakes.  I do crave the energy boost and clean diet that drinks like this A. B. C. smoothie can give my body.  I crave liking what I’m eating now.  No regrets.  I can’t un-learn what it means to eat healthy.

Another powerful change in my life came 2 years back when I discovered a blogger named Annie.

She writes a blog called An Unrefined Vegan and she’s lived a life full of ups and downs like the rest of us.  But Annie has managed to communicate to us all in ways that help, not condemn.  She guides without chastising.  I think she’s the inspiration that brought me to the Vegan leap back in 2012.  The leap that changed my eating forever.  Before I started reading about Annie’s journey to health, I knew that my having removed any dairy from my life had made a significant change in how I felt.  I knew that raw foods were a great way to eat healthy on the road and away from home.  And I knew that lots of dairy could be substituted with much healthier ingredients for new and delicious versions of my old favorite recipes.

But in 2012, I didn’t know yet what it meant to feel ‘Kind’

An Unrefined Vegan

Annie and her blog posts gave me a new perspective on just what meat and dairy is.  In reading through all her old blog postings, I came to a better understanding, just as she had on her own, of how horrible an animal’s life can be when it’s life has no other purpose than to become food on a plate.  The way we now farm animals by the Billions just to have tasty meals is so far from where I wanted to be with my diet.  I was tasered into reality by Annie’s own journey.  She tought by example.  She failed.  She splurged.  She had great successes.  And she learned how to change her diet to be the best for her body.  She changed her soul to be kind, not just healthy.

When I was asked by The American Recall Center to write up a piece about someone who inspires me to live a healthier lifestyle, only one name came to my mind.

I’m not writing all this down to make her feel like my hero.  I’m not saying we all have to move to a fabulous ranch with lots of open space and time to eat better.  I’m saying that in sharing her journey and adventures she has changed me.  Annie changed and continues to change the way I look at not just my food, but how I treat my body and my fellow beings bodies.  Of course I have a mind to reason and rationalize the good and bad about the food we eat, but staring at some of her delectable recipes makes that healthy kind eating oh so much more pleasurable.  

Thanks Annie.

I  look forward to many more posts and communications from you as you journey through the trials and challenges of your own life.  

Thanks for sharing with us and helping us all live a little kinder each day.

For more information on the American Recall Center’s ‘healthy inspirations’ project you can check out their site here.

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7 thoughts on “A. B. C. Smoothie Antioxidant Blast in a glass + my “virtual” friend Annie

  1. An Unrefined Vegan

    Wow, Angela…I’m so, so touched by this – and really…blown away. Feeling as lousy physically as I have lately, as you know, this is a much appreciated and much needed boost. Thank you.

    On less serious note 🙂 – I saw this anti-oxidant drink, too, and knew that I NEEDED to make it! It’s beautiful and just looking at it makes me feel better.

    1. Angela @ Canned Time Post author

      I’ve been drinking it for the last few days and it’s really delicious. It’s hard not to eat all the pineapple before it gets to the blender though. I’m feeling good after a few days….
      Hope you will too soon, thank you!

  2. narf77

    Annie is the bomb isn’t she? I love her long distance 🙂 A most interesting drink…cooked veggies? I usually just whizz everything up in the vitamix raw but cooked? Is that for assimilation or something? Coming to the end of our growing season here and starting to think about pumpkins and hot meals and porridge again. Can’t wait for the right weather to kick in to match my thoughts 🙂

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