Recycled Soups – 10 Minute Creamy Vegetable Soup

Have I ever told you a little secret when it comes to my soups?  I recycle.  Yup.

Recycled Soups - 10 Minute Creamy Vegetable Soup from 

I have readers here at Canned Time that are at all different levels of cooking abilities, particularly Vegan Non-Dairy cooking.  I try to help  out with even the most simplest of meals. Enter –  Recycled soups.  

Most times that I make soup it’s either because I have fresh vegetables that need to be used up before they wilt and go bad – or – I’m too busy to make a fancier meal that day and just want a one pot wonder to fill me up with good tasting, good for me ingredients.  

This soup is just that.  

Recycled soups are ones that have been previously stored in the freezer for just such an occasion.

 Recycled Soups - 10 Minute Creamy Vegetable Soup from

Recycling soups can be your own little secret as well once you’ve learned the trick.  You can turn an old frozen, rock hard container of

last year’s month’s dinner into the greatest bowl of hot, steamy soup you’ve ever put on the table!  

It’s just as simple as keeping some frozen vegetables and canned beans in your pantry.  Whenever you make soup, make a bunch.  

I don’t care if my husband minds that they take up room in the freezer.  They’re instant meals when you’re sick, tired, need a side dish or have guests show up with hungry tummies.  

Break out the frozen soups and then re-vamp them and no one knows the better of it ♥

10 Minute Creamy Vegetable Soup - Recycled
  1. 1 - 2 Quarts of Soup (thawed), Vegetable or Bean work well
  2. 1 cup Fresh or Frozen diced Vegetables, corn, peppers, even potatoes will do
  3. 1 cup Canned or Frozen Beans, I like frozen Edamame or canned Black Beans for texture
  4. Splash of your favorite Hot Sauce - optional but recommended - it's recycled after all 😉
  5. Water as needed
  1. Puree soup (in batches if needed) in a high speed blender or food processor.
  2. Warm your creamed soup in a pot to a boil. Reduce heat and add in remaining ingredients, adding water if needed to thin soup as desired. Serve with hot bread or croutons.

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2 thoughts on “Recycled Soups – 10 Minute Creamy Vegetable Soup

  1. narf77

    Recycled soup?! My son didn’t like soup much when he was younger and called it “foods last chance to be eaten”. Using his theory, recycling it would be tantamount to eating the compost heap ;). Oh I SEE…its “other things” being recycled INTO soup. That is much more acceptable (at least to my son but I still doubt that he would eat it 😉 ). Stevie-boy is the soup dragon. His soup is amazing and his vegan veggie soup is crave worthy. Tell your husband you want a bigger/another freezer. Problem solved! 😉

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